Friday, August 19

Club houses & hay lofts

When I was a kindergartener I loved watching my Mom apply her bright red nail polish. I'd crane my neck to get a closer look and it was just as magic as seeing her paint. The solvent smell left me light headed in quite the same way as her oils too.

This is how I did my nails the day after I took the rest of these pics.  No outfit shots from that day - too knackered :)

By the time I started secondary school quite a lot of the girls in my class had turned into bonafide nail artists. They would use pinheads to draw intricate designs, a skill oddly mirrored by the boys homespun tattoos applied during breaktime first using felt-tips, later needles and ink.
These were practices I watched from a distance as an anthropoligist might the customs of an indiginous people. I was busy drawing peace- and accidental mercedes signs (oh lord, won't you buy me..) on my painstakingly ripped jeans instead but had I not been so gloomily convinced of my status as an outsider I might have found the courage to join the nail art huddle.

I don't think I would ever have had the guts for a break time dragon tattoo though, neither the girls DIY safety pin ear piercings or to partake in the brief euphoria of the fainting game played secretly in the restrooms.

As much as I didn't fancy going through pain for a tattoo I always enjoyed lick 'n' sticks. In primary the daily trip to the corner shop across from school was a real treat and invariably it would be followed by the unwrapping of some sweet, bright pink bubble gum, licking the wrapper and smacking it hard on my bare arm to bond the complimentary tattoo to my skin. Much later I played with the thought of getting a real one and I knew exactly what I wanted too: A star on my neck. Occasionally I'll play with the thought but to be honest the forever after of it is too much for me. Feeling sentimental I did buy a few sheets of lick 'n' sticks on eBay the other day though. Nothing is too childish chez Diversions!

In case you are thinking "recess prison tattoos?! Where did Stef do her educational time?": I went to a little primary serving a number of tiny farming communities. There were just over 100 of us between the age of six and ten back then although the school has grown much larger over the past twenty years. I attended secondary in a marginally larger village so I guess my class was busy rough housing to ensure everybody knew us country bumpkins were tougher than the village kids we thought of as city slickers. Growing up is crazy even when you get to build club houses in the woods and play hide and seek in hay lofts.

What shenanigans did you guys get up to (or timidly miss out on) at school?

hat: festvail
earrings: present (pass me down)
blouse & dress: h&m
compass necklace: etsy
children's tattoo: eBay
orchid pink tights
sandals: tip of my tongue.. sorry


  1. oranges_and_applesAugust 19, 2011

    I was super geeky at school. The weirdest thing was that I literally did not speak to boys til I was 11. Bizarre!

    I love the necklace!

  2. Oh wow, I just love when you and bloggers actually write about what life was like for them growing up and such. You seemed to have been such a joyful kid. I used to always love putting those fake tattoos on myself. They sold them in machines at the skating rinks nearby (which are all gone now).  My mom didn't like me putting them on because it promoted having tattoos and I assured her I wasn't interested in ever getting a real one (of course I got one that is huge on my arm anyway).  The most shenanigans I got into was smoking cigars every few weeks with my older brother while we went on walks to get out of the house. It was short lived, thankfully. I wasn't much of a trouble maker because I didn't really have any friends (in the neighborhood or at school) so I just stayed at home and sat in my bedroom listening to music for hours while just laying on my bed. That took up a good 5 years of my life by doing that. Man, I was boring.

    Your outfit is so amazing. I love the fit of it on you and that pocket watch necklace is so pretty!!!

  3. AmberBlueBird83August 19, 2011

    fake tattoos were sweet.  I loved sticking those babies (mainly fairies and hearts) on my arms and pretending I was a grown up.  Now I have a real tattoo but I am still just pretending that I am a grown up :)

  4. I love your style! You look fantastic! I got a real tattoo on my stomach (of course not thinking about the fact that I would not forever have a completely flat tummy...) when I was 16. It was small but it totally earned me rock star status at school. Which was nice seeing as I was a little bit of a nerd. I'm somewhat addicted to them now...

  5. I look forward to seeing your lick and stick tats.