Saturday, July 2

Tent City

We arrived on Tuesday and spent the night in the car park where Worthy FM,the festival's radio station, was playing all around.

The next morning there were queues, disappearing queues and muddy queues long before the gates even opened. There were also a downpour or two leading to mass cagoule searching and bin-bag shortages. Many people carried their whole parties luggage in sleds, bins, wheelbarrows and in one case a wheeled tardis. It was epic.Some more luggage laden queuing, then a wristband and the right side of the fence at last.

Here are some photos of my first glimpse of the Festival :)

My camera was safe and dry in its water resistant bag and generous outer layer of bin bags :)

A map of the site: The red stars mark stages

Sun setting over a sea of tents at the Dairy ground camping area.

More of that on Monday - I had a wonderful time mud and all so I am splitting the picture load in three four.
Happy weekend!


  1. isla bellJuly 02, 2011

    ah. getting muddy at festivals. you can't beat it. you look pretty darn cute in your pink poncho and wellys

  2. pink your report thus far!

  3. i am so excited to see the rest of these photos!

  4. AnnaBananaCupcakeJuly 03, 2011

    Looks like you had a lot of fun. I can't wait to see more.