Tuesday, July 12

See me right

Our car made it down to Glastonbury just fine but on the way back it stalled in Bristol and never started again *sigh* Fairwell first car. Clearly it couldn't bear to leave the festival behind :D We made the rest of the journey in the roadside assistance SUV.
We're looking for another ride but meanwhile we're without wheels. Oh dear, I am sooo pedestrian. In staggering style I swapped the clogs I wore to work for a pair of bright blue velcro trainers for the walk to the cemetary.

A friend in Austria made this necklace for me from wooden beads :) When I am not wearing it it keeps the Green Tara company on our wall.

Right, festival, festival, festival.. I solemly swear I'll stop going on about it soon, but it's where I got this bag. It's another of the guardian's free extras, like the one in my current giveaway, only this one has elbow's lyrics "One day like this a year will see me right" printed on it. As soon as it is also bright yellow, here it is on yellow everybody everywear day :)

You all have a splendid week, I sure intend to ;)
Okay bye.

hat: festival stall
earrings: claires
blouse: asos
necklace: handmade present
bangle: vintage fair
skirt: etsy
pale yellow tights
peach socks
velcro trainers: eBay
clogs: h&m hasbeens


  1. Emily_RubySlippersJuly 12, 2011

    Wow, that was quick!  Didn't you just get the car a few months ago?  Anyway, bike and pedestrian is the only way to go in my books.

    I love that skirt every time it makes an appearance...

  2. Yes, it wasn't ours for long but all in all I guess it didn't have a bad innings. More luck next time ;)

  3. Oh dear! Farewell car! 

  4. I love your bag! And this skirt is just to cute. To bad about your car though. Think of all the exercise you'll get pedestrian-ing!

  5. AH THIS OUTFIT IS GORGGGGEOUS. I love, love, LOVE IT. Your style reminds me of dolls. I adore it. And Eeek. THAT HAT. I want it. So badly.

    And yay! Yellow is my favourite colour to wear. You just can't be sad when you're wearing yellow.


  6. I always admire you attention to details in every outfit. The beaded necklace is lovely as well as the bracelet. And I am glad you took a leisurely walk through the cemetery because I did as well over the weekend! xx

  7. You are always so good with color combos!!! I just love this skirt!

    xo, Strawberry Moth

  8. Ashley/ MILK TEETHSJuly 13, 2011

    that necklace is a beauty, the colors are really pretty together and bonus that your pal made it for you!!

  9. Darling EBEW! Love that skirt - its so unique :) and the bag is wicked!

  10. minimaria10July 13, 2011

    Beauty bag (:
    Your blog is so great


  11. Beautiful skirt and too bad about the car.

  12. Your photos are adorable as always. I'm sorry to hear about your car though. I know it's quite a pain to be without one!