Wednesday, July 6


Waking and going to sleep to the tune of live music for a week has been brilliant. It felt strange being back on solid ground, returning to a big old house (really big compared to a tent). There is a definite sense of freedom when all your belongings fit a backpack. I swiftly began referring to the Dairy Ground camping area as "home" even though I never could find my way to our tent without a couple of detours.

Early rain tap-tap-tapping on canvas or sunshine tickling my eyelids would wake me. I'd check my handbag for my toilet roll (invaluable treasure available free at info stalls) and head towards the closest bank of "drop" toilets (much superior to the nasty porta-loos). Come on, how could I not mention the ehem.. facilities? In fact you might have heard about Glasto's unusual closed sewer system in the news recently when organizers refused tests on wastewater.

I'd stop by a water station and pick up a couple of coffees on the way back to the tent. Waking up is slow business and I became a master at taking my time over it.

Sometimes we'd head for a particular performance but other times we'd just follow our ears until we were sucked in by a tune. The latter is how we came across the Heliocentrics (neither of us had heard of before) who were absolutely awesome.

We spent a lot of time around some of the smaller stages. Often we'd listen to a performance for a little while and then move on to hear somebody else for a bit.

I heard snatches of Lykke Li's Little Bit at our tent (downwind from The Park stage) and the camping area itself wasn't exactly quiet either, as soon as many of our neighbours had brought their own instruments and were engaging in some heartfelt drunk singing.

The main stages (pyramid and other stage) were very crowded but at times we still found a spot for our picnic blanket. I'd come across the White Lies recently so I was pleased to catch their set. The Chemical Brothers were pretty neat too, even though a throng of joyous dance villagers danced their way towards the stage pushing the rest of us further and further back in the process.

I didn't fall but I got stuck in the mud once, not far from this wellie graveyard.

I like that: Lace and wellies. This is the practical pair I bought when the pink hearts became leaky.

The Glastonbury Festival green police out in force :)

Chemical Brothers

I dozed.. alright, alright: I SLEPT through the Queens of the Stone Age (which seems so unlikely I actually feel accomplished). I'd had little rest so in the end I curled up on our picnic blanket, leaving QotSA and their laser show to merge with my dreams.

Stay tuned for my first ever giveaway :)


  1. AmberBlueBird83July 06, 2011

    Lace and wellies seems like a great festival outfit.  The tents look so awesome.  

  2. How fun! I'm way jealous. I know what you mean about the freedom of living from a backpack. It can be really refreshing! Every time I return home from a trip like that I want to purge and organize my house.

  3. It comes as no surprise that your photos of the festival are awesome and truly entertaining.  I always knew about the mud but wow THE MUD.  It's so thick and deep... I'd have fallen for sure.  It looks like you had an amazing time- I would have loved to see some of the shows you saw- did you catch Cage the Elephant?
    Also love your festy outfits, especially the lace with the wellies.

  4. I am feeling like a good purge and reogranize too :) Definitely enjoyed going easy on the ownership for a while :)

  5. I missed them this time around :( I'll definitely be back for more though :D

    Off the top of my head.. I caught a bit of BB King, Primal Scream and Badly Drawn Boy, saw Aloe Blacc, QotSA, White Lies, Fool's Gold (not so sure about them though), the Heliocentrics with Mulatu Astake and lots of others who's names I didn't catch. I really enjoyed this one band playing a small stage with a campfire surrounded by sofas right infront of it (strummerville?). Comfy, toasty seating in the rain :) and good music to boot!

  6. Wow, this looks like so much fun!! I can't believe how muddy it is!

  7. Good post! I've never been to Glastonbury but I feel like I know a little more about it now :) I've never really been that determined to go before but I think I'm going to have to eventually!

  8. Ooh this looks like such a marvelous time!  Your photos capture the pure excitement and energy of the festivities.  I know I said it before, but I am definitely jealous. Adorable outfit and wellies:)  I want to go!!

  9. Whoa, I see that Wellies were a necessity!

  10. WOWZA! I'm loving all these pictures, you have captured the event well in your last few posts! I totally LOL @ the wellie graveyard. I'm kinda sad - I wouldn't want to lose or throw mine away. I love wellies! Looks like you had a great time ....and great taste in music ;)

  11. Wow, I'm so jealous!! I wanna go! And I would've loved to see the Queens of the Stone Age! No judgement for dozing off though, hehe :)


  12. Looks like so much fun. I wish it were easier to find basic looking wellies in the US!

  13. Kinda crazy place to have a concert, but that is really neat too.  I really think it is sad people would abandon their boots just because they are dirty!!!

  14. I know - some girls went scavenging for boots on the last day and found lots to clean up and sell on. Still, a lot of those wellies are worn out. The pair I arrived in was leaking by day three and I got myself a new pair too :)

  15. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityJuly 14, 2011

    I've heard about the Wellie graveyards. Hehe. All throughout this post I could hear the gloppy, suction-y sound of trudging through mud in my head ;)

    In regards to falling asleep during QotSA; I fell asleep during a concert once. In a closed arena. Haha!