Sunday, July 24

Merry Christmas in July!

Last Christmas, when the husband and I were visiting my parents in Austria, I hamstered away some photos to share on "the other Christmas". I took so many snaps I was righteous bored with the season long before I could post them all so now I've recovered from the cold and the sun is shining, here is a little jingle bell-ed cool down for you all :)

The day my Dad took these for me it was so freaking cold I couldn't even bear to take off my Mom's down coat. At minus twenty something Celsius it took all the style blogging backbone I got to unzip it to show you guys just a little bit of my blouse and scarf.

In case you think me crazy wearing tights at ridiculous degrees Celsius: I double and triple up tights in winter :) Far warmer than pesky trousers if you ask me (though I've wrecked the zipper on a pair of boots once underestimating the extra-layer leg-width)

On Christmas Day we went to a Christkindl Markt/Christmas market at Hellbrunn palace. Here is one of a number of nativity dioramas which were dotted about the market.

And here are Mary, Joseph and their new-born in a matchbox manger crafted by yours truly aeons ago in kindergarten. :)

Ho ho ho! ;)

coat: Mom's
scarf: ex Mom's
wrap blouse & skirt: h&m
boots: legero


  1. i love chrismtas season, i wish it was year round!

    <3 steffy

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  2. Oh, I love you matchbox nativity!  Triple tights--I'm storing that idea away for future reference.

  3. I love Christmas. I can't wait for it again. These are great decorations!