Saturday, July 16

Don't burst my bubble

Returning home from a week of camping inspired me to give away some space thieving trinkets I accumulated over the years. Amongst other things a mickey mouse PEZ dispenser. Whatever possessed me to buy a PEZ dispenser at age 28 when I don't even care much for PEZ? Well, I can't qualify it but it sure seemed needful at the time. It felt necessary just the same as this bubble camera I bought after my clear up attack. One quid. Bargain. Right? Yes, right: Bargain.
I expect now that I have had my fun I may just manage to pass it on to a young lady in the target age group instead of leaving it to collect dust in a corner.

Meet my back-up bike: Apollo (that's what the decal spells so that's that). It's an 18 speed hybrid, ace when you're in a rush. Great for zipping through traffic although I must say I prefer the comfort of my sedate, soft-saddled 3-speed.

These earrings wandered from my Mom's to my jewellery box years ago and are a firm favourite of mine :)

Talking about favourites: This has to be just about my favourite outfit right now. I first wore my supayana dress with blue tights and trainers a couple of days before we set off for Glasto. That's when this last picture was taken.

I've already reworn the exact same outfit a couple of times. Yes, I do rewear the exact same ensembles sometimes. You see, I feel like a protagonist in a children's adventure story in this outfit.
You know those mornings when you stare into your wardrobe and no matter how tightly packed it is you grumpily conceed you have nothing to wear, everything is awful and you'd like to crawl back into bed right about now please? From now on this is what I'll wear on those days and as soon as I pull up the zipper I'll feel like I'm in a fairytale..

earrings: from Mom
bracelets: market stall & present
bomber jacket: zara via time enough for drums
dress: supayana
skyblue tights
velcro trainers: eBay


  1. This is possibly my favourite outfit of yours aswell! The collar on the dress is just perfect! and the nail polish you're wearing is just perfect!

    Having an apollo bike is awesome: you can pretend it's a rocket and go to the moon!^^

    the bubble camera is soooo cute! i bet the pez dispenser is aswell! and cute things are always needed!

  2. Blue is literally the lovliest color on you. BTW how on earth are you wearing tights in this heat? Or is it not that hot where you are??? Regardless could I please ask you a favor?? I would love love love to learn how you make those pretty little gifs and I just have a feeling you'll be able to break the process down into understandable bits for me. Pretty please!!!

  3. Thanks :) It's not so very hot here - I could do with a dose of heat but it rarely goes above the low 20s C/70s F around here.

    I forgot all about doing a how to for animations

  4. i like your hair. :)

  5. Loving the all blue. The and the pattern on this dress is just fantastic!

  6. I want a bubble camera!  And I believe in magical dresses...wish I had one to make me the protagonist in a children's tale.

  7. you're amazing. i love the bubble pictures and your hair!!! the bird's eye view at the end is so perfect, too. (: you are the queen of baby blue!

  8. Love that beautiful dress and the bubble cam is pretty darn awesome!

  9. I so so so love this dress. I think we should aim to dress like a kids cartoon hero a few days each week :) What would your character's name be?

  10. I love the colours in this post. I have many space stealing trinkets! Haha. But that bubble camera is awesome.
    -Andi x

  11. Emily_RubySlippersJuly 17, 2011

    This is definitely also one of my favourite of your outfits. That dress is just the best with its collar! 

    As for bubble cameras, hehe, it's pretty cute.  Due to the travelling lifestyle I pretty much have a horror of, ahem, crap, which is probably the only reason I don't have one of those!

  12. I used to collect pez dispensers too quite often. I gave them all to a friend though when I was about 21. That bubble camera is awesome.

  13. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityJuly 21, 2011

    Hehe, I like your gif with the bubble camera. And I'm convinced this dress can do no wrong. You style it so well each and every time :)