Thursday, July 28

Deep blue sea darlin' deep blue sea..

I took these last Friday. First blue skies in what felt like forever. For the record, there is a reason I get to wear tights and jackets at the height of summer: The height of summer means a "sweltering" 22C/72F around here most years. I always used to prefer feeling cold to getting a sweat on but my preferences are shifting. Funny how tastes change over time. I am starved for a heat wave. I remember growing up I'd hide from the sun watching formula one with my Dad in the temperate sanctuary that was our living room. Now I run outside for outfit shots every time the rain stops. Welcome to my meteorological pity party.

Never mind, it was blooming gorgeous out today (today being last Friday)  - 18C/65F and just look at that brooding sky :) No kidding, I don't like rain but I do love being out and about when there is a storm brewing. Just ask my Mom, I used to drive her nuts running outside every time it looked like thunder or hail. That bitter smell just before the first drop splashes on your nose, the static in the air as you spot the first flash of lightning in the distance.. I guess it is like the Counting Crows lyrics: "I wanna sink slowly without getting wet"

Enough already about the weather! Jeez Louise, aren't I quite the accomplished conversationalist?!

Halfway through this shoot I noticed myself singing the Grizzly Bear's Deep Blue Sea under my breath. Funny how my vocal cords claim independence at times :) Somehow it seemed so fitting by the lake and under such vibrant blue skies. The tune makes me feel all cosy (despite all the drowning and grave digging it is such a sweet lullaby) :)

So in line with today's exciting *yawn* weather theme, if you had to be a little bit hot or a little bit cold all of the time, which kind of mildly uncomfortable would you prefer?

barrette: h&m
earrings: etsy
jacket: zara (time enough for drums)
dress: All-mighty
belt: Mom's (1980s)
skirt: vintage (etsy)
peach tights
shoes: clarks

PS: All went well with my wisdom teeth eviction and I am recuperating with lots of milkshake and TV as my doting husband keeps a close eye  :) Toothache doesn't get any better than this ;)


  1. wow i love this outfit! so cute and put together. love the double belts, especially. as for the weather, i would complain over either! so i can't say, haha. probably mildly hot...maybe...


  2. i'm starting to prefer being warm now. i used to hate hate being hot. but we get really hot here (i've experienced 115 F). i'd be perfectly fine with 72F! that's kind of perfect. 
    but cold, eventually you get used to it, but my knees chatter. 
    love the double belts as well. and the different polishes. 

  3. Emily_RubySlippersJuly 28, 2011

    I love these pictures and this outfit!  I prefer hot to cold, or at least, I prefer hot to wet. After a couple of years in Barcelona/Mexico, I don't mind the odd cold bright day, but in Vancouver 8 C and raining is the norm all winter long, and it's so fricking miserable!

  4. you look SO adorable in that last pic and the detail here is amazing: the buttons, the nails (did something similar myself), the colors: beautiful! and yes, I love stormy skies too :)

  5. "Little bit cold" - all the way!!! Everytime I write a comment here, I tell you how much I love Cambridge and how much I envy you for living there (this comment being is no exception). 

  6. I adore the outfit.  You look simply great!  I think that if I could choose a climate to live in, I would choose one where the temperature never fell below 10 degrees celsius and never went above 20 degrees celsius.  Having said that, I like season changes.  I don't, however, like extremes, at least not for any longer than one week.

  7. I saw a similar nail colour range around yours the other day and thought we'd had quite similar ideas! :)

  8. asdlakjsd AH SO BEAUTIFUL. I love how whimsical these shots are. And your outfit is wayyy adorable. I love the subtlety in mixing them prints!

    Were having extreme heat and humidity up here... definitely NOT fun!

  9. is that 2 belts or one made to look like 2?  Either way, I love the look with that skirt... and speaking of the skirt: floral, pleated midi ... I LOVE it

  10. Glad to hear that you are recovering well.  Wisdom teeth are a great excuse for ice cream.  We have an abundance of heat in our neighborhood just now--enough to jar up and export.

  11. The colours of your site knock us out! And what a delight to see you nail colours ~giggle~ Your creative combination is truly inspiring!

  12. fashionforgiantsJuly 30, 2011

    Oh, I'm glad the extraction went well.  Enjoy the milkshakes and the "warm" weather!

  13. it's fun to just sing randomly in beautiful places like this one photographed! Button, Button, Who's got the button. . .you do. . a bunch of beautiful ones! Lovely! I had my wisdom teeth taken out a year and a half ago. what fun!

  14. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityJuly 31, 2011

    I'm glad to hear your wisdom teeth extraction went well. I've been putting the procedure off, but really shouldn't delay it much longer. Argh. Anyway. These photos are gorgeous! And I know exactly what you mean about being outside before a storm rolls through. And afterwards, too. I like how the air smells of brook water and has slightly cool undertones despite the warmth. As for your question, I think I'd rather be a little bit cold all the time.