Saturday, July 23

a moment in time, and it seemed everlasting

Our wildest idea for a random price draw involved putting one of your names inside each of my curlers and then rolling my hair. Once my hair would be set, David (the husband) would then decide which roller to remove first and inside we'd find the winner.

Another price draw concept had us baking little pieces of paper with your names into one BIG cake and the name inside David's piece would be the winner.

In the end we drew the winner out of a hat. My other half would like you all to know that he wasn't actually pissed off to assist in picking a winner even though it does look a bit like that in the video. Personally I think he is just overcompensating with a frown trying his hardest not to laugh at my guffaws and mumbly mumbling throughout the video. So I guess there is a generous helping of embarrassment for both of us in this movie. Here goes:

The winner might already have guessed she has a bag coming her way by the post title :)


Congrats Natalie :)
I remember listening to Mariah Carey's version of this tune over and over on a car radio chilling in my parents' Ford with my bestest buddy one midsummer's night back in the 90s.

Thank you all for entering and sharing some lyrics :) I had great fun.
You'll have to excuse me now, I've got a parcel to wrap :)

Happy weekend everybody!


  1. Awwww.... you're so cute motion! You should post more videos :)

  2. Natalie9103July 23, 2011

    Yayy! Thank you!!

  3. you guys are adorable!

  4. oranges_and_applesJuly 24, 2011

    So nice to hear your accent, I love that it's a weird British Transeuropean hybrid like mine!

  5. STEF! I love you more than ever after hearing your voice.  It's so charming.  I think part of the allure is my American adoration for British accents (why do we love them so? possibly goes back to our national roots, I don't know). Anyways, isn't it funny how we read one another's words day after day but have no idea what our conversational voices are truly like? hm. 

  6. Congrats to Natalie.

  7. Hahaha YAY for hearing your Austrian-tinged British accent!!  So lovely, like your assistant.  Hehe :)