Monday, June 20

The bug

I was going to whine on about how it's (last) Tuesday as I write this and how I badly want it to be Friday instead, how my jaw hurts and my throat is sore..

then I thought I'd tell you all about why this current season of Doctor Who is so darn awesome and whine on about how it's not back until Autumn..

but then I realized that I've scheduled this post for today, when Glasto is so close it'll be time to pack my toothbrush. A prospect so exciting I can't possibly whine at my readers no matter how complaintive I feel back in time on one sunny Tuesday.

A while back I called a friend who is also coming to Glasto. "So, you got the bug yet?" he asked and I think he saw my blank stare right through the phone. The Glasto bug, he explained, the one where you tell everyone and the world that you're going to Glasto this year, over and over and over until you've bored your audience right out of their skulls.

Oooh. That bug. Yes, I got that.

Well, guess what guys: I am going to Glasto real soon! :D
Have a most wonderful week :)

sunnies: claire's
earrings: boots
rollneck cape: stall (Uttam)
brooch: vintage fair
blouse: Tara Starlet
top: supermarket (asda)
skirt: uo
sandals: h&m


  1. Wooo hooo! Have an amazing time!

  2. Emily_RubySlippersJune 20, 2011

    There's the other bug when you get back, and bore everyone you know with lists of bands you saw that they've never heard of, and in detail analyses of whether they were awesome or not!  Hope you're having fun!

  3. I really love how you can pull together like 18 different shades of pink.
    I don't know what Glasto is becuase I am American, and a total Square. But have fun!

  4. Ha well I don't mind whines OR brags so this post worked out well for me ;)  And I'm a sucker for pinks and purples so beautiful styling here.  Also, that last picture is amazing!

  5. This is definitely a reflection on me, but I have in no way tired of hearing about Glasto.  I am super excited for you.  Since I am not going, I am definitely enjoying experiencing it through your excitement and stories.

  6. Your photos are always so good. I wanted it to be summer all winter long and now I kind of want to crawl back into my cloaks!

  7. You look super cute! Hope the bug leaves quickly!

  8. AmberBlueBird83June 20, 2011

    If I was going to Glasto, I would most definitely have the bug right about now.  I cant wait for a Glasto recap from you.  Have a blast!

  9. Have fun at Glasto, Glasto, Glasto!

  10. Yep, definitely jealous - in the best way possible:)  Of course your outfit is yet again perfect.  I love the candy-striped dress and those mint sunnies!!

  11. sparrowandurchinJune 21, 2011

    I love the hues in this outfit! Oh Dr. Who... soo amazing! Anyway I really enjoy this outfit and have fun in Glasto!!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  12. Sometimes your photos make me feel like I am looking at mementos from a bygone era and makes me really wish I could be there to experience the sights and sounds the people in the photos did. Well this was definitely one of those shoots. :) Lovely play of color.

  13. tine_young92June 24, 2011

    that pink cape is really adorable!

  14. I love the pink and white striping on your top and I am SO excited for your upcoming Glasto trip.  I hope you're able to catch Cage the Elephant and I pray that they'll live up to the hype I give them (I'm sure they will).  Have fun!!!! Cant wait for the recap post.

  15. you put colors together better than anyone. I love the brooch.