Wednesday, June 22

No Motiva-tion

Not the biggest vote of confidence for my "attention to detail" that I noticed none of the writing behind me. Of course I saw the scrawls but at the time I deciphered only the binary date and wavy lines. Oh well.

I did notice Russia with one s though. It's what drew me back to this spot actually. Easily pleased, aren't I? ;)

I originally bought this hat with Glasto in mind but I am not so sure if I am going to take it now that I know how it flops about in the wind. I guess I might have associated a floppy brim with flopping but oh no, not me. It's most definitely staying home but no fear, I have another sun hat that'll be perfect for the occasion. And flop-less. ;)

And here is a random pretty pink car for good measure. Cute, eh?

As this posts I am either queuing at the gates, seeking out a good spot for- or already pitching our tent. Blogging time travel again. I could get used to this! :)

Happy days!

hat: primark
jacket: h&m
dress: h&m
brooch: tina tarnoff on etsy
light yellow tights
sandals: h&m


  1. I also recently discovered what the "floppy" in "floppy hat" really stands for.  But I love them just the same.  And you look great in yours.  Although, I can understand you not taking it to Glasto.  Super cute car.  Reminds me of the one that Andie drove in Pretty in Pink.  Although "your car" doesn't look like a Kharmann Ghia (I am definitely no car expert).

  2. these are great photos! I love the backgrounds, I guess b/c I'm generally intrigued by graffiti. I like the blue jacket with this dress, something very calming about the color palette. I'm sorry, what is Glasto? 

  3. well first off, you look absolulty lovely and always have the best photo locations. 
    secondly...that pink car is AMAZING!! holy moley..i would love to drive around in that thing till the day i die. :)

  4.  i have not been here in foreverrrrrr!!!! ): anyway, that pink car is way awesome, and so are you. love the floppy hat!

  5. I'm completely dying over that pink car!!  Amazing!!  Your dress = perfection, especially for summer.  And of course, another killer location.  I always love seeing what you are going to come up with:)

  6. Okay, that is easily the cutest car I've ever seen.  It reminds me of a vintage stove we used to have.  It was also pink and slid into the wall, from the 50s I think.  Now I have an affinity for pink vintage things.  Cars, stoves, whatever.

    I love that hat on you, but I know what you mean about flopping in the wind.  I couldn't wear my floppy sunhats in Hawaii because it was just a bit too windy and they kept blowing off.

  7. The bold print on this dress is beautiful...and different for you.  The car is cute!

  8. You'd hope people would figure out how to spell names of countries properly, especially if they have ancestry there. I love the dress and think it is different than some of the colors you tend to wear. Very cool car find too!