Saturday, June 4

Mister Spiky 1-6

We've had some uninvited visitors in the house: Two buzzzzzy flies. So the other half and I drove down to the home improvement store for a roll of adhesive Velcro to reattach our window screens (summertime!). After we found that we meandered through the rest of the store giving a running commentary on all the goods. We were being very special indeed. Special needs that is. (Boom! Boom!) We stopped at a display of cacti and in falsetto voices referred to them as "children". We picked six Spiky little guys and also purchased a fire extinguisher. That's entertainment. Here at Diversions the excitement never ends!

Poor Twiddle dum has hit the floor twice already. I am not your most gifted horticulturalist but I am hoping that even I can keep these guys going for a while. ;)

more about this pair another day :D

Next time on Diversions: Stef goes grocery shopping. Will the store stock semolina? *suspense* Tune in at the usual time to find out *theme tune plays*

Okay. Not really.
Have a most excellent day you guys!

sunnies: claire's
earrings: buttons (DIY)
bracelet: vintage fair
blouse: asos
belt: h&m
skirt: etsy
peach tights: welovecolors
clogs: h&m


  1. Emily_RubySlippersJune 04, 2011

    Your outfit is lovely, but I can't even tell you how stoked/intensely jealous I am about those Bass shoes.  Really want a pair myself, but can't figure out if I will really wear floral shoes enough to justify it.  Siggggghhhhhh. ; )

  2. That blouse and those sunglasses are so fabulous...and with those shoes? Just absolute perfection!

  3. Hehe..cute.  Your spiky kids are precious:)  Anyways, I love your entire outfit.  That very blouse has been marinating my Modcloth shopping cart for a couple months now and I've been wanting to purchase it.  It looks lovely on you...and those shoes!!  Yes, I am jealous!

  4. I love the colors in your outfit.

  5. LavilleinconnueJune 04, 2011

    I love this outfit, your blouse is so pretty!! The belted skirt is so nice too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  6. Haha that sounds like something I would do! I love your outfit! And the cacti are so cute! ( that possible? I guess once you name something it can be, haha)

  7. oranges_and_applesJune 04, 2011

    I can get with this kind of sillyness! Corposal nubby is my fave. Alkso, the shoes... swoon.

  8. OMG we have the exact same blouse! I still have to wear mine though. 

  9. That blouse.  The collar, the color, the 3/4 sleeves, the lace detail.... sigh.  Just what I've been looking for over the past 6 months and there you have it.  It's absolutely dreamy, Stef.  This whole outfit is, really.  You do vintage-inspired feminine looks so well.  

    And, as for the rest of this post, you are a funny girl.  The names of the cacti, and the fact that you purchased 6 cacti and a fire extinguisher (random!) make me want to hop across the pond and be IRL friends with you now more than ever.  Also... the SHOES.  I must know more.  

  10. What a lovely drape on both the blouse and the skirt--simply beautiful.  And those shoes are most excellent.

    Frankly, cactus always seem a little phallic to me.

  11. Love those shoes!! I am on the lookout for some new comfy oxfords, as my current favorite pair is threateneing to die at any moment.

    Heheh.. my boyfriend just leaned over my shoulder and read your cactus' names... he is very impressed.

  12. I hear you. I am very neglectful when it comes to taking care of plants. Good luck with your little cacti! With names like those (Corporal Nobby!) I think I'd be more inclined to (remember) to care for them ;)

    I absolutely adore this outfit, Stef. It has such a gorgeous silhouette. Anddd, I'm so excited for you regarding those Bass oxfords! You will undoubtedly create sartorial magic with them :)

  13. The skirt is blouse is so lovely... Also like the cacti names, good luck with them! Have a great day as well. -xxoo
     Ladyofashion of FASHION TALES

  14. AnnaBananaCupcakeJune 06, 2011

    Looking lovely as always. I love the new additions to your little plant family. I have a few house plants that I've managed to keep alive for a while now *knock on wood*. I would love to have more one day.

  15. I love that you have a name for all of your cacti! how cute!! They are beautiful.  I really adore this top with this skirt!