Tuesday, June 14

In which you see very little of Strawberry Fair

Strawberry Fair is an annual free one-day festival held on Cambridge's midsummer common. Ever since I first attended in 2002 I've been most years and it is always fun bumping into and catching up with old friends and checking out the numerous stalls selling silly hats, flimsy summer dresses and a variety of yummy junk food. Held on the first weekend of June it has been viewed as an appetizer for Glasto by many of my friends for years. I can't wait to finally sample the main course..

I couldn't resist this sweater cape - swape? It doesn't provide much insulation but it's the right kind of cosy for those warm days when the sun has gone into hiding behind a cloud and you notice that hey! that breeze is a tad chilly. I think I might use it as a cardi substitute this summer :)

Remember my little bird compass pendant? Well, this one is the same but is ear marked to be a present. I've been keeping it in my jewelery box for ages and when I put this outfit together I inadvertently picked up the wrong pendant. Attention to detail FAIL (hello! Not a bird but a ruddy great octopus!) but it was such fun to wear what was never meant for me. ;)

As much as I wanted to serve you up a helping of Strawberry Fair I ended up taking very few images but I came back the next morning to mince around in front of one of the stages while volunteers picked at the endless mounds of rubbish strewn all over so I can at least show you what I wore. Especially important considering the detail on this dress just screams everybody, everywear! challenge. Check out how everybody else styled their lace here.
Lace </P> <P></P> <P>Everybody, Everywear

When we marched from ours to the common I noticed this dollie trapped under a wheelie bin. The terror! ;)

These earrings wandered from my Mom's into my jewelery box some years ago. They look amazing paired with a dress but I took them off when I cosied up in my new "swape".  I learnt the hard way not to pair pointy danglies with wool a long while ago :D

About twenty of us met at our tiny shoe box home before and after the fair. Every seat and last bit of floor space taken up, the kitchen and little garden served as an overspill zone. Last time our place was bursting at the seams so pleasantly was at our wedding after-party :D It's been a while!

Only 8 days until Glasto - I am bursting with anticipation :D

hat: borrowed from the husband
dress: ASOS
jacket: zara via time enough for drums
cape-ish: 3£ stall (uttam)
necklace: etsy
bracelet: market
earrings: present (ex Mom's)
olive tights: welovecolors
sandals: h&m (swapped for trainers later in the day)
bag: etsy


  1. Your dress is just wonderful and really suits you - have fun at Glasto and look forward to seeing photos :)

  2. So many things to love here! Swape! squashed doll! Lace!! amazing.

  3. I love that beautiful necklace!

  4. I love your poncho and dress, beautiful :) <3


  5. I love love the necklace.  I mean, wow.  Also, gorgeous dress- I knew you'd have something perfectly pretty for this challenge. Other reactions to this post: 
    I laughed at the term "swape," cried a bit inside for that trampled doll, and felt envious of your upcoming festival trip.  

  6. This lace really seems to be your perfect style. It suits you perfectly.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous dress! You look beautiful!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Love that little dress, you look beautiful :)

  9. VictorianKittyJune 14, 2011

    That dress is so romantic and feminine.  I really like how you styled it with the hat and green tights.  And I like the octopus guy, even if you were intending to use a bird.  :)

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  10. silverstyleJune 14, 2011

    Your dress is beautiful.  You have such a romantic look about you that makes you just look like you are just gliding down the veranda looking for a mint julep!  Just perfect.

  11. That dress is so sweet. I love the cut of it. Your earrings are amazing.

  12. That dress is so, so gorgeous! And you look so lovely :) I love the necklace.

  13. Swapes ahoy!  I fully support this outfit and that dress is amazing!

  14. Emily_RubySlippersJune 15, 2011

    Fantastic dress!  And yep, I've certainly almost lost the odd treasured earring due to a overzealous scarf or two!  

    Also love that picture of the dolly, hehe.

  15. Oh, this dress looks lovely with all the "machinery" motif in the background.  As always, provocative photos and a great sense of style!

  16. that doll. . . wow I guess the wrath of her owner really set course to this.