Monday, May 23


This is an Agfa Clack my Grandma gave me. It was marketed as the Agfa Weekender over in the US and manufactured between 1954 and 65. It shoots massively wide 6x9 cm negatives on 120 roll film. This is a great little toy and one I've actually put a fair bit of film through :)

This one here is an Agfa Synchrobox manufactured between 1949 and 58. It takes 120 roll film and also shoots mahusive 6x9 cm negs. This is quite common in box cameras as photographs weren't usually enlarged but just contact printed, so the size of the neg was also the print size. I just loaded this babe with film and took some photos to show you how in a separate post.

This is my favourite light meter, the Weston Master V. Cuteness aside the selenium cell hidden underneath that little door is where the magic is at. This kid is pushing forty, doesn't require batteries (selenium rules) and still provides reliable readings.

Note: You won't need a light meter for use with a box or toy camera. I use this dude with my "regular" medium format camera.

The Polaroid Colorpack 80 is a fun little toy I got my hands on with transfers in mind just before Polaroid announced. I still have a little film left but I've been hoarding it rather than making the most of it before it dries out completely. Good intentions for the summer :)

Right, before I bore everybody not crazy into cameras into a coma I'll wrap this up for now and show you more of my toys another day when you've had time to recuperate :)


  1. Emily_RubySlippersMay 23, 2011

     Lots of toys. ; )  You make me feel I should go and learn more about cameras!  I like the look of that box camera.  And what you say finally makes me understand why all the photos in my Grannie's box are so damn tiny--perfectly sharp and clear, but, well, 6x9

  2. hi! I've been thinking of buying a toy camera as well, they are always so cute looking! I'm not good with camera stuff but how sweet is it that your grandma gave it to you! :D

  3. Just stumbled on your blog and WOW WHAT A GEM IT IS. I am so in love with all your photos (I stalked a ton of your old archives. Just so you know.) Seriously. You are way adorable. You make me want to become a doll. Or something. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT.

    I don't usually follow blogs instantaneously ... but I totally am!

    Check out mine?

  4. I would love the see the photos these beauts come out with!


  5. I love pretty photos of things that take pretty photos.  This post made me feel a bit covetous of all your toys.  And with your amazing vintage style, these will make great props when not in actual use!

  6. what fun, I want to see what kinds of photos these make, especially the first

  7. Yes pleasr. These are amazing. x hivenn

  8. These are gorgeous and I bet they take amazing vintage looking photos! What a great collection!

  9. Ooo what a beautiful camera! <33



  10. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMay 25, 2011

    Ooh, toys! Not bored one bit. I always enjoy learning little bits about old cameras. I'd be very interested to see what these little babies can do! :)

  11. Not boring at all! Sometimes you totally read my mind... I am currently looking to invest in my first dslr camera. I have been looking at the canon 1000d (or xsi in the USA). Any advice? I thought I'd go for an entery-level camera, then play and learn before investing in lenses.

  12. Looks good to me.
    I use an EOS500D and this looks very, very similar menu and feature wise.

    Personally I really like the layout of the menues Canon use. Aperture preference (AV) mode will allow you to blur the background to your heart's content but stick it on full auto and you can just point and shoot. I am guessing it'll come with the EF-S 18-55 zoom lens. I much prefer fixed length lenses but it's a versatile one if you're going to stick with a single lens for a while.

    10 megapixels should do you just fine (you only need more to print out your images way large). Looks like a neat choice :)
    I'd consider getting a radio controlled remote wit it if you're going to take your own images - they totally beat the self timer any day :D and don't forget to get a skylight filter for the lens to keep it safe :)

  13. Thanks Stef! Great advice. I really hadn't thought about bags/protective gear yet. Yay! Now I just need to sit tight and wait till it arrives!