Tuesday, May 17


I haven't shared a recipe in donkey's years so I figured it was high time :) Austrian cuisine is full of Topfen/Quark. It's used in sweet as well as savoury dishes.

See? My old school cookbook is full of the stuff :D
My Mom has an older edition of the same "domestic economy" text book and I guess most women in Austria do. My year at school was the first in which home ec was compulsory for boys too. They sure did a lot better than me at it. I am no master chef but although I hated the classes the cookbook that accompanied them still comes in handy.

Last Sunday I made some Topfenkäs aka Liptauer, a cheese spread perfect with potatoes or on a piece of toast or rye bread.

While there is a recipe for Liptauer in my school cookbook I usually go with my Mom or Grandma's recipe:

Ingredients: Quark, soured cream, finely chopped onion, capers, mustard, chives, salt & pepper
I didn't use any but paprika and gherkins can also be added :)

Mix everything in a bowl and Bob's your uncle.

Leave to rest for a few minutes before serving.
Store in the fridge for up to four days :)



  1. I must try!!

  2. oranges_and_applesMay 17, 2011

    quark is called Topfen in Austria? who knew! 

  3. Mmmmm! I love your photos of the food, so pretty and cute! 

  4. AmberBlueBird83May 17, 2011

    that looks yummy and seems really simple to make.  Might need to try this one out. 

  5. Emily_RubySlippersMay 17, 2011

     Mmmm.  I remember spending ages (and eventually way too much money) trying to find Quark in Canada so I could make a proper German cheesecake.  I'm going to have to try some more recipes now the stuff is handy!

  6.  Yummy, that looks delicious :) I have to try it out sometime ! 

  7. wowzers/YUM! i can't believe how many topfenshnaggen (i made that up) recipes there are! this sounds delicious; i'm totally going to make it. but you know what? i've never heard of quark. off to do some googling! (:

  8.  Thanks for schooling me on what Topfen is:)  I guess it's similar to cottage cheese, right?  That first pic is pretty hilarious.  But anyways, anything w/ cheese is right up my alley and my weakness and anything w/ capers is extra yummy - so I would love to try this recipe out.  Look de-lish!!

  9.  cutest diagram everrr!