Friday, May 27

The sleeper must awaken

I wore this last Wednesday minus my pink wig which sadly, is not entirely work appropriate.

Felt too knackered for photos after work, tried again on Thursday but it started raining just as I was heading off. On Friday I went to bed at 6PM and got up drunken with sleep 14 hours later. Saturday I finally took these. Epic, huh?

These fox totes are all over the blogosphere. I've had my eye on one eversince Frankie first modeled it on her blog. Finally it's mine. *insert greedy Gollum reference*

On Saturday I went to Judy's Vintage Fair and indulged myself with a pretty brooch, bracelet and a pair of pinking shears. I've been looking for cheap pinking shears for ages. Dead stock from yesteryear I got them for 3 quid. Winning! :)

I am taking outfit photos most days right now, hamstering away pictures for the end of June when I'll be away from the blog for a little while.
We've got tickets for a festival. Not just any festival but the one my friends have been telling me all about for years. I've come close to going a few times but there was always something keeping me away from Worthy Farm at the last minute.  I am not usually the superstitious type but it can't hurt, right? So: Knock on wood! I 'll be going to Glasto this year.  I can't wait to listen to lots and lots of live music, stuff myself on junk food and meet up with friends. I'll be taking my camera of course :) 26 days until Christmas.

Happy weekend!

wig: eBay
hairband: tie from an old blouse
dress: Betty Page
belt: primark
clogs: office
tote: libris lunaria


  1. aaaaah! i'm jealous you're going to glasto! that is amaaazing. i went to coachella two years in a row (not this year sadly). and i love love music festivals. i should be harboring away outfit posts as well, but my closet is not as large as i'm sure yours is. especially with cute little dresses like that one!

  2. Love it! The pink buttons are such a lovely detail (I am now running through all my grey clothes in my head wondering what I can add pink buttons to?)

    I'm sad you can't wear your pink wig to work - it totally makes the look!

    Also yay for music festivals! Especially when you have freinds heading out too!

  3. Lovely! I have exactely the same dress, but with sleeves :).

  4. AnnaBananaCupcakeMay 27, 2011

    This is a darling outfit and I just love the way that you styled the pink wig with your other pink accessories. Such a wonderful combination of colors. And like everyone else I agree that the tote bag is awesome! Who wouldn't want one?

  5. I am seriously in love with your pink wig, it looks so good on you! :)

  6. I love the pink throughout, including the pink wig.  Too bad the pink wig isn't work appropriate!

  7. AmberBlueBird83May 27, 2011

    this dress is so pretty, I love the muted colors.  Oh and your wig is stellar!

  8. hehehehe more Dune references. how fun!!!

    I think these are adorable photos. I always loved that dress and with the wig and such it looks really cool.

  9. fashionforgiantsMay 27, 2011

    Fabulous look.  From the wig to the tights, I love it all.

    And weirdly enough, I love pinking shears too.  So much so that I even asked for a pair for Christmas a few years back.  lol.

  10. ondressingupMay 28, 2011

    This dress is killing me softly with all its little details. From afar it looks like a charming grey functional work dress but up close you see the buttons and the belt and suddenly, it's a knockout. I know what you mean about trying to take outfit photos after work. It's a mission. I've found the mornings are better. 

  11. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMay 29, 2011

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

    Glastonbury - how exciting! I just looked at the lineup. What bands/artists are you looking forward to most?

  12. There are quite a few I'd enjoy seeing but there is so much to choose from we are probably just going to ehem play it by ear :D
    I've not even managed to read through the whole line up just yet. So much to take in!

  13. You are always giving me new ideas for color palettes and I again, adore this one!!  The grey and pinks are divine together.  You look pretty in pink in that wig:)

  14. I love the pink wig! It's so fun and unique. Too bad you couldn't wear it to work, it really compliments the whole outfit :)

  15. Crystal LeeJune 02, 2011

    another brilliant outfit and I just love your photos! Yippee on Glasto!