Wednesday, May 25

Rabbit, Run

Look familiar? Expect more variations of this outfit yet :) This butter yellow blouse is brilliant for mixing with other soft colours.

Yes, I am still wearing my faux fur collared jacket. I expect it'll spend August in the wardrobe but right now 18C/64F is as high as the thermometer goes so it is perfect for the morning chill :)

When I first heard about the H&M/Swedish Hasbeens collaboration I marked it in my calendar knowing full well the closest store stocking them would be a thirty quid train journey away. By the time I realized they were also available online this style had already sold out in my size. After some soul searching I decided "Yes, I am that infatuated" and bought them from H&M Austria instead, asking my parents to forward the parcel to me. A bit elaborate, but cheaper than the train fair. To top it all off my parents gave them to me :D Thanks Mama & Papa!

I made these earrings from buttons way back in 2009 (tut) but this is the first time I've worn them. I am pleased with their debut though, little spots of sky blue to go with my belt and tights.

Man, I haven't been getting my eyebrow right recently. The outer thirds are mostly paint and I hate how visible that is close up. (Scarce but existent. Losing the outer thirds of your eyebrows can indicate thyroid issues, mine is a-okay though. You can't say I don't tell you personal stuff. Now I am even sharing my blood work! ;)).

I am all for self acceptance but that doesn't preclude casting a critical eye on my own appearance. It does however mean I also make a conscious effort to acknowledge positive aspects of the old flesh and bones. I am on good terms with my limbs for instance. I like those guys. All four of them.
Alright, I know my eyebrows aren't all that bad really, it's just they're one one of my features I am n-i-g-g-l-y about. I seem to have gotten a hair rant theme going recently :D Haters gonna hate.. hair?

Which bits of your body have your most heartfelt seal of approval?

I've been wondering about doing 'proper' videos but I quite enjoy the stop motion feel of animated gifs too. Are you with me on that one or would you prefer some smoother YouTube embedded cycling on my part (heaven forbid I do an animated gif without Dusty the bike ;))?

earrings: button DIY
blouse: etsy
brooch: etsy
belt: h&m
skirt: uo
sky blue tights: welovecolors
sandals: h&m hasbeens
carry on: etsy (modified)


  1. Emily_RubySlippersMay 25, 2011

    I love the yellow blouse.  I love basically everything yellow at the moment, you may have noticed. ; )  Anyway, this outfit is great, with the wonderful hasbeens that I missed out on, the yellow and the belt.

    Re: videos, I like the gifs.  But I seem to be allergic to videos on people's blogs.  I can never be bothered.

    I like my face... and I don't like my thighs.  But I guess the thing to remember is that other people don't notice your flaws like you do.  I'm staying with Raquel, and I'm moaning about my thighs and she's moaning about her nose, and neither of us thinks the other has anything to worry about!

  2. Your animated gifs are the greatest, they always make me smile.
    I'm a fan of my face just in general, also my hips. They are HUGE but I think I like them that way :)

    Love your kiwi pin.

  3. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMay 25, 2011

    Lovely yellow blouse. I like the collar and the knit - it looks so cozy. And my goodness, how cute is your kiwi pin! Just this morning there was a picture of a kiwi chick on the front page of Yahoo.

    Ugh, the Swedish Hasbeens for H&M! I really wanted a pair, but couldn't justify driving or taking the train to NYC or Boston just to buy a pair of shoes. Oh well, I will ''ooh and ahh'' over them when the appear on your blog :)

    I'm usually on good terms with my face (I like its shape) and I like my hands. My legs (knees and thighs, specifically) are another story.

  4. i am seriously in love with the color combo of this WHOLE outfit. 
    saving this in my inspiration files asap.

  5. That skirt is so pretty and the color is  beautiful! How do you put stop motion pictures like that on your blog? I've been meaning to figure it out. :)

  6. aaah i love the shoes. i would've had to drive 1.5 hours to even get near them to decide if they were mine. they look lovely on you. and i love the button earrings. but also because i love bunnies. 
    i'd love to see a video from you! 
    my least favorite part of me (to be honest) is my stomach. because it's not flat and i dislike it. but i like my legs and the color of my eyes. thatttt's about it.

  7. Cute cute cute. That skirt is just seriously great.

  8. AmberBlueBird83May 25, 2011

    oh my goodness you look positively adorable in this outfit.  I adore the color combination and your gif is too cute!

  9. Again, I absolutely adore the color palette you've created here.  You are always giving me new ideas with this.  The skirt is so pretty as is your cute! 

    I'm a fan of my eyes, nose, lips....but ugh, my hair is a different story...definitely a cross b/t baby hair and straw..oh well, can't win them all..hehe.

  10. I always enjoy your unexpected colour combinations, another winner with this outfit! Love the collar on your top and the sweet little pin!

    I'm envious of your shoes, I really wanted to buy a pair but still couldn't afford the price (despite the discount). Glad you're rockin' them though, it was sweet of your parents to buy them for you!

  11. Ok first of all, you look positively beautiful in this outfit.  The colors are just delicious.  And ya know I'm self-conscious about my eyebrows too.  It's the first sign of aging for me that they are growing kind of weird now but I stay positive just like you :)

  12. I think you have come a long way since I started coming to your blog. I remember when you would hide your face completely and now look at you. <3

  13. I absolutely love the pastels!!

  14. UM, FOR REAL. that butter yellow is too good. i wish i could wear that color. 

  15. oranges_and_applesMay 27, 2011

    Wonderful ice creamy colours! i adore the blouse. Your eyebrows look fine to me - my own are balding a alittle too, although the existsing hairs are still long and dark, so it looks a little weird. I think eyebrows are one of those things you shouldn't think about in too much details. Like noses and ears, when you think of them in isolation, ethy're weird things, aren't they? Sorry for strange mini rant. I'm fond of my boobs, they are the perfect size and shape. Yup.

  16. Caitlin FloodMay 27, 2011

    in my opinion, there is nothing better than a butter-yellow dress, and you've paired it impeccably with the other pastels.  love love the colors here, and the pleats on your skirt are truly marvelous. 

    my eyebrows are quite weird.  the hairs are just too long or something.  maybe someday i'll get them threaded, but i'm definitely way too low-maintenance for that sort of thing right now.

  17. I am so much in love with this outfit, it's unreal!