Tuesday, May 3

Nobody listens

Trust me to show you the May fair on Midsummer Common in the sunshine all by my lonesome rather than heaving with people and lit up like a Christmas tree later in the day. Well, you guys ought to be used to this sort of behaviour from me by now ;)

When I was little I used to love "Kirtag" (lit. churchday - a fun fair held on the name day of the county's patron saint) but after I outgrew the baby rides I never quite made the jump to the big, scary ones. The one time I tried they had to halt the ride for me I was so out of it. Give me a carousel any day ;) Daredevil or no (no) I wanted to have a walk around the fair to feast my eyes on all the colourful attractions and what better backdrop for a few shots of my most casual outfit?

I felt a little naughty buying children's clothing for myself but I couldn't resist those tapes and their sulky message of obsoletion. Mind, we are still using them in the car :) I am holding an old mix tape a friend from Austria made for me some years ago.

My Mom gave me some of her bangles years ago :) and as you can see I've given nail polish a second go.

hat: ?
hatband/scarf: primark
hat pins: eBay
boys t: some supermarket
bangles: used to be Mom's
skirt: uo
shoes: kurt geiger years ago


  1. Childhood memories, how lovely!!

  2. HAhahahaha that shirt is HILARITY and your skirt is so beautiful!! I have a brown chiffon midi on the way and I am just too excited :)

  3. This is my kind of casual! Love the skirt and hat, and the t-shirt is hilarious :D I still listen to tapes too haha.
    M xo

  4. I listen to you!
    how very sweet!!! T-shirts must be the cool thing this week!!! I love all these shots.

  5. Is it naughty to buy childrens' tshirts for oneself? Yikes, if it is, I feel positively awful, because they are usually the only tshirts that I buy for myself. I really like the way they fit on me. Ha ha! :)

  6. Was the carnival closed?? You'll have to go back and take pics when it's open! :)

  7. I can't even tell you how much I love your t-shirt. Long live the cassette tape, hehe! :)
    Children's clothing is one of my little secrets. I usually opt for t-shirts, cardigans, and the occasional boy's button-up.

  8. I love that this is how you do casual, and I adore the print on the t-shirt, and the photos from the fair are awesome, and the shape of your glasses is so wonderful that I've become dissatisfied with my old trusty pair.

  9. Emily_RubySlippersMay 07, 2011

    This is a casual outfit, is it? ; D Anyway, I love it, and the pictures are excellent. I can't handle scary rides either, but I do love me some carousel!