Thursday, May 19

Gold tooth

Some of you might remember way back when I made lots of earrings from buttons. I've got this shape in a few colours but this is my favourite :)

Also, my skin was murder today so for vanity's sake I've doctored* the close up in a couple of spots.

On Sunday evening I watched Pirates of the Carribean while painting my nails. After I was done it looked rather boring to me, all matchy matchy, so I added a blue one. It sticks out, not like a sore thumb, but rather like a gold tooth. :)

I got the bracelet at a market nine years ago. An older lady picked it up and commented how it wasn't bawdy. Not bawdy at all. She considered it for a while but in the end she put it back. One of my favourite pieces of plastic that. I love the shape and the hazy colours, reminiscent of sea glass.

*As for those pimples - I use the clone stamp on photoshop. Here is how:

earrings: DIY (buttons)
scarf: present
blouse: allmighty
belt: primark
skirt: uo
shoes: office


  1. Emily_RubySlippersMay 19, 2011

    Thank you! ; ) I love this outfit by the way, the details are just perfect!

  2. I love how you always choose the perfect background.
    Loving the belt. I will have a better look to  photoshop.

  3. Caitlin FloodMay 19, 2011

     i just cannot get over how amazing all of your little outfit details always are!!  you have the most adorably interesting accessories  and that blouse is so fun!  it reminds me of candy, which is always great. :)

    habitually splitting tasks definitely makes me feel helpless sometimes, but in general i'm okay with letting k take care of certain things while i'm lost in INFP dreamland (i suspect he's probably an ISTJ). 

  4. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMay 19, 2011

    Your bracelet does resemble sea glass. I like! Your mauve skirt and purple tights look lovely together.

  5. I love the horse belt. 

  6. That belt is absolutely amazing and I love the skirt too!

  7. fashionforgiantsMay 20, 2011

     I love your skirt - both the pleats and the color.  And I love the single blue nail.  I don't wear polish on my fingers much, but I do want to try this on my toes - I think it'll make me quite happy.

  8.  ugh i hate bad skin days. they are the worst worst worst. but i love your nail polish, your tutorial and your earrings!
    the color of those shoes are fantastic!

  9. I love the horse belt! 

  10. Natalie Marie TracyMay 21, 2011

    Hi! I am so excited I found your blog today! I can't wait to go back and read your older post! I would be honored if you would stop by my blog and tell me what you think!


  11.  Thanks for the tutorial! I just got photoshop (cs5...impossible to figure out). THat skirt/belt combo is so chic, I really love the blush color of the skirt with the dark gold horse.

  12. I have mad respect for a blogger who not only admits to editing close-ups but shows how she did it.  Little things like that, and the fun nails, and the horse belt (I want it!!), and the button earrings, and the pretty photos, and the "sore thumb::gold tooth" statement are reasons I love this blog.

  13. I do the clone stamp too for mine!! awesome. Love these shots.