Friday, May 13

For no one knows that Rumplestiltskin is my name!

Happy Friday the 13th everybody!
This is what I wore yesterday. A surprisingly short wear to post time lag if I do say so myself :D It was going to be shorter yet, but I lost my scheduled post thanks to Blogger's black Friday. They did retrieve it later on but as soon as it wasn't that wordy I just rewrote it rather than wait.

I've been of the highly strung variety this week, especially at work. A puffy, itching gnome staring dry eyed at my computer screen. Bone tired and melty brained. I picked out this dress in an effort to cheer myself up. I even went the extra mile and ironed it (a rare occurrence) though these pictures were taken eight crinkly hours later.

Can you say Friday? Friday. Fri-day *sigh of relief* Friday! I could write a whole paragraph repeating this beauteous word. :) I guess I just did (again).

Hold on tight everybody, here comes the weekend :)

dress: Lipstick Vogue
belt: another dress
cardi: primark
cardi clips: etsy
peach tights: welovecolors
heels: office


  1. fashionforgiantsMay 13, 2011

    Holy crackers, that dress looks amazing on you.  It is super flattering.  And I LOVE your sweater-clip.  It's perfect.

    Happy Friday to you, Stef - enjoy your weekend!

  2.  CUTE dress! and what a fun way to display a remix:)

  3. Emily_RubySlippersMay 13, 2011

     This is of the highest literary quality too!  I especially liked the ode to Fridays, black or not.  And that dress is extra-awesome on you.  Ironed or not.  Gnome or not. ; )

  4. Yay for fridays! (Or well.. now saturday here!) Also - yay for layering! I have discovered I have forgotten how to dress for cold weather, as we have just had a cold snap. So I have been wandering through your archives for ideas. Thanks!!

  5.  That dress with it's collar is so pretty :) The pattern is so sweet. 

  6.  Yes!  Thank goodness it's Friday for sure:)  You are picture perfect..the shades of pink are so pretty and cheery.  Have a wonderful weekend!  xx Marisa

  7. I love the magic you put in the photos.
    I lost my last post, then I recuperated it today without previous comments, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. 

  8.  the first picture is amazing! and i like this cardi- i dont normally buy from primark because i always found their colours very flat- but this pastel pink is awesome!

  9.  I love the collar on the dress -- looks very unique.  Those cardigan clips are to die for!  Something that I definitely have to put on my list of things to be on the look out for.  As for ironing, that is something that I rarely do.  If I can get away with a rumpled look, I do.  I probably bring out the iron (and ironing board) only once a month, if that!  Hope your weekend is fabulous and recharges/restores you!

  10.  i so love it when you do the multiple you shots. Theres something kinda creepy but super awesome about them and i like how you can see all the layers of the outfits. This pretty spring outfit is sweet! :)x

  11. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMay 15, 2011

    Your post titled has recalled a Rumplestiltskin film (a gem from the '80s) to the forefront of my brain and now I am on a mission to track it down! Anyway, sweet dress! I like it a lot.

  12. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMay 15, 2011

     post title, not post titled. Gah. Proof read, Emily, proof read ;)

  13. This outfit is so feminine and light and pretty!  I love the vintage-floral fabric and the delicacy of the sweater, and the cardi clips are such a fun accessory.  I feel your pain on the crinkly material- this is one of the more frustrating things about taking ootd shots after work! It doesnt look bad in these photos though, if that makes you feel any better...

  14.  I love the last photo of you!!!!! Gorgeous, you are!!! I agree with many people that this outfit is so feminine and such. And what Emily said, I used to watch that 80s Rumpelstiltskin movie constantly!!! It had Billy Barty in it. He was great.