Saturday, May 21

Filamentous biomaterial

This profile looks so alien to me - I guess it's not a view of myself I get to see in the mirror.

I took a few of these to show you my earrings but I was very tempted to pick not the best view of my plastic fantastic flowers but the the one that was kindest on my scarecrow hair. If you have any tips on conditioning fine, dry and brittle hair I'd be much obliged. At the moment I use no build-up conditioner (most every day) and take care to use a mild shampoo not on my hair but my scalp only (no more than once a week). I don't want to declare defeat just yet. Any ideas?

In other news, I am joining in on the breakfast-umentary:

Remember when we went to the beach? I couldn't resist an English breakfast of the confectionary variety even if it's main ingredient is E#. They aren't musical, but those beans are sweet :)

Happy weekend!

headband: Claire's years ago
earrings: etsy
sunnies: claire's
dress: Poison Oak Vintage (won)
brooch: ark
belt: primark
skirt: H&M years ago
shoes: office


  1. I don't know if you can get this stuff in the uk, but you should try a hot oil treatment. VO5 makes a good one that's quick and easy to use (1 extra minute in the shower). If you need something more intensive, maybe you could try one of those treatments that you leave on for a few hours, with a towel wrapped around your head, or even overnight. I don't really know which one is the best, but maybe you could ask your hairdresser?
    By the way, I ADORE Cambridge. You are so lucky to live there! I'm in Western Australia - wanna swap? haha :)

  2. Emily_RubySlippersMay 21, 2011

     I'm useless with hair, but people swear by hair masks?  Your earrings are really cute, but I really like the top/dress.  And the shoes!

  3. belt: amazing. shoes: PERFECT. shirt: i want it. you look great!! and you have a very pretty profile, i must say. (: you don't look like an alien haha (i know that's not what you meant). 

  4. I really like this photo layout, with the three small detail shots along the top. Great accessories as usual, and nice layering of the dress and skirt!

  5. i like the layout. :)
    also, i am a sucker for all things floral so i love this whole look. 
    i wish i had some tips..but i am clueless on hair care. 
    have a wonderful weekend love.

  6. Nothing wrong with your hair.
    Your photos are always so adorable.

  7.  ha what a cuuuute 'breakfast'. love your shoes and floral belt! great details! Moroccan oil works soft wonders on hair, I've heard tell.

  8. haha wth is that breakfast?? :D it looks creepy! loving your sweet hairband and clogs, but you probably figured as much :)

  9.  I haven't quite gotten over my cold (ear infections ugh!). 
    I am loooving your outfit. Absolutely, and especially those sunglasses. They look so pretty against your skin and hair color. 
    For your hair, I would suggest using a hot oil treatment. When I had longer hair I would also use a very light body lotion on the very ends if it looked to fried. Also, why are you using a no build up conditioner? Build up is good for the ends of your hair! Use one for damaged hair or even curly hair. They have different names in the US but loreal makes a really great one, and just put it on the ends and leave it for a minute. From the picture it looks like you have lovely curly hair!

  10. Leilani WertensMay 22, 2011

     Your 'breakfast' photo reminds me of Martin Parr's pictures of English food! Too adorable that it's actually made of sugar. I love the idea of a floral top, I have a lot of patterned skirts but no tops. 

    Not sure about your hair... I have issues with mine too, have you tried a deep conditioning product twice a month? I know that's supposed to help with dry hair.

  11. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMay 23, 2011

    Ooh, I'm loving this dress & skirt combination. And, as usual, you're rocking a perfect array of accessories :)

    That candy breakfast is too funny. The ingredient list not so much, but one can ignore that from time to time ;)

  12. I actually LIKE the profile photo as it captures the softness of your features...I had not noticed the hair at all, until you mentioned it!  I do not have fine hair so I cannot help, but I know that I do admire fine part because my own is thick and wavy in humid weather.

  13. I always love your photos so much. You are kind of a weirdo like me, I think :)
    Those sandals are perfection, too.

  14.  I am totally digging your sunnies and earrings!

    as for dry hair, i'm sorry i'm no help. When my hair was long it was SO dry, I could find no cure...since cutting it short it seems my problem left me!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  15. great mix of florals--that belt is such an adorable touch!  i always used to be weirded out by my profile but i've gotten used to it :)  sometimes i'm still surprised by the way my nose looks from that angle!

  16. hey darlin. love the florals you have going on here. and that awesome headband! <3

  17. Thanks for the tip! :)

  18. Thanks :) I used to overdo it on products that build up on your hair shaft but now I might have gone over the edge in the other direction :D Thanks for the tips!

  19. Thanks for the tip :)

  20. Sometimes I think I'd like it most to spend six months on each hemisphere and forget all about the seasons. Thanks for the advice! :)