Thursday, May 5

A graveyard sky

I've been brooding over this post title thinking NO! Not a reference to the petal shape of the collar, no mention of my soppy, undying love for this dress and not a list of colours either. I tried and tried but lacking inspiration I resorted to song lyrics and ended up doing the literal thing after all. It's a snippet from a Counting Crows tune. The sky sure was grey on Friday and ehem well, you can see where I am at.

Not a lot of contemporary dresses are suitable for girls on the tall side who like to sit down knowing their knickers are not on show. Everything that's made to be short, well, it's a lot shorter on me.

I was swooning over this dress for a while before I finally asked Yana of Supayana if she would make the dress to fit my 5'9½" frame and as you can see she agreed :) When this arrived in the mail I was jumping for joy.

Cycling home after all the joy jumps I got the parcel caught in my bike's spokes, shredding the wrapping and nearly ripping the dress inside. Close call, but no damage :) I am renowned for my clumsiness but I am veeery lucky too. :)

I gave nail varnish another try: I am wearing a petal pink, dusty purple and soft blue (suckered by a three for two offer) and I am quite pleased with the results. Word of advice: Don't paint your nails while watching stand up. It's impossible to put on an even coat while laughing.

My cousine brought back these earrings from a holiday in Asia for me when I was little. I don't recall my age but I know I was still young enough to run around topless without making a fool of myself. Those were the days ;) (nah, not really. I like tying my own shoe laces ;) )

After all these long weekends the current work week seems endless. Thank goodness the weekend is near! :)

hat: borrowed from David
bracelets & earrings: presents
dress: supayana
skirt: modcloth
tights: c/o welovecolors
jellies: melissa


  1. that nail polish is amazing. my nails are currently lavender! the dress looks stunning on you.
    i also find it ridiculously hard to name my blogs. it always ends up being part of a song i'm listening to.

  2. Oh yes, gotta love the Counting Crows:) I love how you do the tone on tone thing w/ matching your tights to your dress, but in a different hue...something I want to try more of. The dress is fantastic!! I am in love with that collar and your candy colored nails:)

  3. OndressingupMay 05, 2011

    I have to try this colour combo for my nails too. They make me feel like eating sorbet and cake pops. Yay for new dresses made to fit!

  4. LavilleinconnueMay 05, 2011

    You're lucky you're so statuesque, and I love that dress too, the collar and print are so nice!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. You look lovely sweetie! By the way--have you heard that my 1st novel is being released on tomorrow?! Check it out on my blog! Have a wonderful Cinco De Mayo honey! Kori xoxo

  6. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMay 05, 2011

    Lovely, lovely dress! You wear longer lengths so well :)

  7. that dress is so pretty! i love it. i've started to appreciate my short stature a lot more lately, esp since if i were a few inches taller i probably wouldn't be able to wear any of the "trendy" clothes out there (*cough* h&m/forever21/modcloth*cough*). i think it's the universe's way of making us shorties feel better when all the supermodels are so amazonian.

  8. Emily_RubySlippersMay 05, 2011

    That dress is truly lovely... especially the collar! And what an amazing (looking) shop, if they weren't on vacation right now. I'm not exceptionally tall (a bit shy of 5' 6", but lots of things are already too short on me...
    Meanwhile, even your stand-up influenced nails are way more even than my usual, trying really hard nails!

  9. Whew, so glad the dress was ok! It is too pretty for words. Blue looks lovely on you!

  10. That dress is perfection. You had me at that amazing collar. And then the print really stole my heart! I think the title is an especially good choice due to the obvious scenery and colors. Love it all! xx

  11. i have the worst time with coming up with a title. it is horrible.
    beautiful dress. the print and length are just so lovely.
    gorgeous pictures as always! <3

  12. so much to say about this post. I'll start with the obvious: gorgeous photos, as ALWAYS. I love your detail shots, especially the tri-colored nails (so springy!) and that dandelion photo made me think of Clockwork Orange for a moment. The dress is lovely and perfectly vintage inspired. Love the hat, the earrings.... everything. Oh, and jealous you can still wear tights. We are long past those temperatures here.

  13. You should see them side on hehe

  14. i'm 5'9" too so i feel your pain lady. This dress is amazing. The collar! glad it survived the bike wheel incident, it was ment to be!
    p.s. your nails are devine

  15. I really love your bracelets!! You are 1/2" taller than me so I feel your pain. It is sad how a lot of skirts sold in stores or even handmade like this one are always so short!! I'm not 5'2"!!! haha.I have always loved the clothes that are sold at Supyana!

  16. Wow - that dress is amazing!!! I can see why you love it - I want one!!! The print, the shape and the collar - perfect! The funny thing is, I'm 5'9 (well actually 175cm - is that 5'9?) and I don't notice it being a problem. I always felt like I was pretty average height!