Friday, April 1

Something fishy about that cod

Some of you guys guessed it, my codpiece "shapewear" was a little hoax to ring in April ;)

A codpiece is a covering pouch for the male genital area first worn in the 14th century not dissimilar to a jockstrap. Originally it provided modesty and protection but codpieces soon grew larger and larger, exentuating the area - an overt display of masculinity. King Henry VIII padded his codpiece to an enormous size and decorated it with jewels.1 You can still see codpieces worn in films (e.g. on Batman, Darth Wader, Alex and his gang from A Clockwork Orange) and in performances (e.g. on Rob Halford of Judas Priest and Gene Simmons of Kiss) today.2
1: Fashion Encyclopedia
2: Wikipedia

I’d like to say a big thank you to those of you who hadn’t heard of codpieces before and therefore didn’t realize I was being silly. Your sweet comments (completely ignoring the unsightly bulge and instead concentrating on the more positive aspects of my outfit) confirm what I already knew to be true: You guys are the most supportive and sweet readers and friends any blogger could wish for and I am proud to be part of a community this positive, open minded and just plain lovely.

On Wednesday evening I realized I didn't have an April fool's prepared for the blog and felt I'd missed a great opportunity. A feeling of general crumminess settled over me.
A little while later (after throwing ideas for fashion related hoaxes around) the other half and I were chuckling about the current female codpiece trend. By the time I rolled up some socks and tried on Friday's outfit-to-be we were in tatters.

On Thursday I got up early - stoked for my "shapewear" shoot before work.
I took a picture without my sock drawer to show you what my outfit really looked like:

Never have passers by so studiously looked away and even quickened their gait as soon as they caught sight of me. I can testify that a stylish codpiece is all it takes to clear out spectators and have the place all to yourself. It may just be the best new accessory this season after all.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAH, I am so much wiser, now, heheheheh.
    In Spain the equivalent of April fool is on the 28th of december.
    You cheeky monkey!!!!

  2. dearbeatriceApril 01, 2011

    hahahaaa clever you!! I wish I would have seen the previous post first! it's just too darn funny, I think it's one of my favorite April Fool's Day prank by far so far! ^,^

  3. AdelinesatticApril 01, 2011

    hahah! brilliant!

  4. you are awesome. I skimmed your last post yesterday and kept thinking - is she serious?! Then - Oh well I guess it is an interesting shape? hee hee! Perhaps you need to petition Everyone Everywear to do Codpieces next month? :)

  5. Don't tempt me :D I wish I'd thought of that. Vote codpiece! ;)

  6. haha! you silly april fooler. okay, i know i've said this a million times before, but i just llove your glasses so much! i wish i had some like them. also, i'm diggin' the collar+jumper (:

  7. You're hilarious lady. Sweet getup, I love the peter pan collar!

  8. Oh my goodness, I love the silhouette of this dress! It looks amazing with the pretty collar. That brooch is so unique too!

  9. i just found your blog thru Terri at RAGS (i've been introduced to the best blogs thru that lady!)....anyways i woke my poor husband hooting away at your codpiece! we love to go to the Ren Faire and i've sewed costumes for us both, so i loved your look even more!! and that's the perfect outfit to wear it with....excellent sock layering, if you know what i mean. ha!

    have a great weekend, i'll keep my fingers crossed that your antibiotics work (i'm on round 4 of antibiotics for a sinus infection - as clinton said, 'i feel your pain'). i wish i looked as good as you when feeling lousy! take care, steph

  10. BAHAHAHAHAHA. OH NO YOU DI INT. I scrolled down and looked at the earlier photos and you are one cheeky little mouse, my friend. I love imagining the passersby's expressions. :) Great fools joke.

  11. Great outfit! Although the female codpiece did add a certain 'je ne sais quoi', it is brill without the extra curvature.

    Especially love the matching tights and socks! x

  12. ha ha! I wish I had been there in blogland instead of moving my blog so I could have seen this outfit without realizing it was a joke. I love the outfit. The bulge is just so flattering....

  13. ahhhh! you fooled me.
    now i'm slightly red faced.

  14. Gracie JohnsApril 03, 2011

    hahahah funny - and you look so cute!

  15. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityApril 03, 2011

    Stef, you had me in stitches! I fell behind on blog reading for a few days, but that doesn't make your April Fool's Joke any less hilarious. And I would have loved to have seen the expressions of the passers by you speak of :)