Sunday, April 17

Sensory overload

I am back :)
My prediction about leaving the hotel was quite right - I didn't even get a chance to explore all of that either. The hotel (an ex IBM training complex built in the 70s) was surrounded by expansive woodlands and as you can see the view from my room was rather breath taking.

I am not amazing in large groups and corporate speak makes me nervous so I found those four days pretty hard going. It got rather claustrophobic and with a tight schedule mapping out most every waking moment I felt starved for some alone time. Whenever I couldn't stand it any longer I'd return to my room and pat myself on the back for wedging a tripod into my suitcase.

That said, the talent contest did go very well. That is, our leading cheerleader and greaser were great and with a limitless bar tab nobody even noticed us backup singers missing most our cues. Tell me what again?

My colleague who's gorgeous singing voice I mentioned before tore the house down with her rendition of Make you feel my Love. Accompanied by a live band she sounded just amazing. I wish I had a recording to share. I am so pleased to see her perform infront of hundreds of people. :)

I wore this dress twice during the trip. Once with brown and then with sky blue tights. The paper blowfish came out of a kinder egg. A colleague told me surprise eggs aren't available in the US - they are little chocolate eggs with a toy inside (more often than not requiring assembly).

Voting is still open for The Power of Self competition. I'd love for you to rate my portfolio :)

beret: eBay
dress: modcloth
cardi: primark


  1. I find conferences are either all-consumingly wonderful... or require wwaayy too much energy. I always seem to loose my voice after a few days of conference-ness!
    Also, those shoes are fantastic!! Where are they from?

  2. Emily_RubySlippersApril 17, 2011

    Really, you were in the middle of the woods like that? I'm not the world's best at these kind of events either, so I can imagine it wasn't so fun. Still, at least you managed to fit your tripod; there was no room for mine on my recent getaway. Cue crazily tilted photos, pfff.

    I love those red shoes!

  3. oranges_and_applesApril 17, 2011

    Gorgeous woodlands! I'm not keen on conferences either. I've voted for you/rated it 5!

  4. Thanks, I think they are Kurt Geiger :)

  5. I just love the portrait of you in your room with your many selves. Such a true talent you are, I am blessed to call us web friends! Best of luck on the competition, I'm voting for you!

    xo, Strawberry Moth

  6. Woah those are some amazing and slightly creepy photos, there lady. I love them. They remind me of a 70's psychological horror film or We do have Kinder eggs here, THANK GOD.

  7. AnnaBananaCupcakeApril 17, 2011

    Love those sweet shoes! You look darling. I'm the same way in bigger groups. I definitely need my down time to just chill alone with my thoughts.

  8. Ok so those surprise eggs sound DANGEROUS! Gosh candy already is so bad for your teeth, can't imagine biting into a toy too. You crazy Europeans you ;)

    That second photo feels very Mad Men to me for some reason...dramatic and the room has such clean mod lines. Love it!

  9. Welcome back! Looks like you had a pretty good hotel room with great views. If you can't get out, nothing beats a room with a view.

    I love your photos. Posing in front of the windows covered with sheer curtains makes it look like you are posing in front of a painted backdrop. A really neat effect. And I always love the photos of you and all your sisters.

    I haven't had a Kinder egg in ages. For me, the most frustrating part of those eggs was getting the inner egg (containing the toy) open. I don't think that I ever mastered that! I might just have to get myself a Kinder egg to see if I could do it now.

    The red shoes are soooo adorable!

  10. Love that you were just on a trip too! Thats fabulous that you were able to take such great photos in the hotel (I knew I wasn't going to have the time - our conference was sooooo busy). Haha I was just in the US (I'm from Canada) and we were talking about them banning those Kinder Surprises because they confiscate so many each year at the border! Hilarious!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments!

  11. They don't have Kinder eggs in the U.S.?! Oh no!! We have them in Canada, but the toys aren't as fun as they used to be, far less assembly required! I've never gotten anything as cool as that fish though ;)
    The hotel room shots are gorgeous, I love the dress with the sky-blue tights!
    M xo

  12. I feel a very similar way on the rare occasion i am obliged to go to such conference functions...and the photos in the hotel room capture the feeling well. Must track down a kinder egg.

  13. lady i am loving how you have been doing your photos lately (i voted for you 5 stars! :))
    your shoes are so pretty, i love the contrast with the tights

  14. I know what you mean, I've watched many a parent struggle with those eggs unsuccessfully after their kid handed it over for opening. They changed the mechanism a while back so they pop open easily now :)

  15. that first picture is stunning, I LOVE how the trapes make the scenery look like a painting. WOW!

  16. of course I meant drapes. Oy vey

  17. i rated your portfolio!!!!!!!! yey!

  18. Yay for you! And I love your little red shoes! And your photography....such interesting concepts...

  19. Love this post! You are amazingly talented...That first shot looks like you're pressed up against an oil painting and that collage...simply magical!

    Btw, Haute Khuuture just celebrated her 1st birthday so I'm sponsoring a HUGE giveaway, would love to see you stop by when you get the chance :D

    Happy Monday!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  20. mmm, i love those red shoes. and i wish you had a recording too! sounds like a pretty interesting hotel. and all those trees out the window are so nice!! welcome back (:

  21. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityApril 20, 2011

    A breathtaking view, indeed! And how mesmerizing viewing it through those drapes. I'm glad to hear the talent competition went well and that you were able to squeeze in time for yourself.

    I'm loving your cardi (those buttons!) and shoes. I remember my first Kinder egg while traveling in Europe. The inner child in me was quite excited about it, but I remember not liking the chocolate all that much and being disappointed by my toy. It wasn't nearly as fun as your paper blowfish.

    Oh! Just though I'd let you know I voted for your self portraits :)