Friday, April 1

Retail therapy

I've been treating myself a little over the past few days.
Pain makes me antsy. Combine that with a computer, a short attention span and an inflated sense of entitlement (i.e. I am unwell and I deserve a treat!) - what you get is a shameless consumerist stalking the web for goodies. And as you all know, if you look you will find.

A new skirt and a dress are currently en route to me but one parcel already arrived and of course I couldn't wait to show you what was inside: My brand new codpiece!

I hadn't really come across female codpieces before (I know - I've lead a sheltered life) but  when I realized that a codpiece is what it takes to create the gorgeous silhouettes I had been noticing all over the blogosphere my mind was made: I had to have one. Luckily they don't cost the world and come in a variety of flattering shapes and sizes. I always heard people say Shapewear is a must have and now I have worn  a codpiece myself I couldn't agree more. I must say I like the look and it 's really quite comfy too.

What do you guys think? Have you got one yet and if so, is it everyday wear for you or do you only put on your codpiece for special occasions?

Nearly the weekend you guys! Make it a great one :)

beret: eBay
blouse: ASOS
brooch: Mitzi's, passed to me by my Mom :)
dress: H&M a few years back
codpiece: David's Emporium


  1. id never even heard of a codpiece, i'm going to google it right away.
    You look amazing today, that grey dress! Your asos blouse looks so pretty under it.

  2. Happy April Fool's Day, you are too clever! Love your little pin by the way.

  3. Haha, you look stunning!

  4. You look gorgeous! A pinch and a punch for the first of the month...

  5. You have a fantastic figure, so I do not know if it is the codpiece but you look curvy and feminine in it. I love the way you blend your look with the background.
    Have a great and pain free week end.

  6. I really think that pin and the outfit is beautiful. I love your socks with it too. I'd wear more shapey type of clothes but the problem is that I know too many guys who get turned on by such things and I don't want to cause someone to lust so I sold most of my shapey clothes. This is beautiful on you!!!

  7. This will surely inspire some codpiece envy! Baha!

  8. You crack me up! This outfit is perfect for April Fool's - all demure yet with a codpiece! Love it!!


  9. hahahahahahahahaaaa. you are amazing.

  10. Hahahahaa most hilarious April Fools day post I've seen! You are awesome, lady!

  11. I could not stop laughing...and the serious expression on your face is priceless. I could not have carried this off.

  12. This is amazing!!!! I usually only wear mine on special occasions ;)