Monday, April 11

Prison Blue

The other day I got off work early and did a rare spot of real world shopping. If you don't do it often now is the time to hit the charity/thrift stores! Everybody and their uncle must be having a closet purge because the pickings are rich. I scored this chambray dress at a charity shop. It was right there in the window so when I left with my loot there was a naked, armless mannequin standing in the display. :D

As this post auto publishes I am probably in a bus headed for the euro tunnel or who knows, maybe I am already on a train under the channel.

Have a great start to the week!

hat: primark
blouse: next via choices
dress: whitestuff - charity shop
skirt: modcloth
jacket: modcloth


  1. What a find!! It is pretty great! Gotta love spring cleaning. :)

  2. Yeah... there's definitely no good charity shop bargains here in Whitby. Nothing but worn out Primark cast-offs. You got lucky though!

  3. abrilliantmelodyApril 11, 2011

    What a pretty dress. you scored on that find!

  4. this is so pretty. I feel like looking at pictures of holly hobbie now. oh my word!!!! I love it!!!

  5. Oh, goodness, I love that dress. What a great find!

  6. aaaah so pretty! I love that dress and you totally made it even prettier with that blouse underneath <3

  7. I love the image of the naked armless mannequin waving you goodbye as you left the shop. You look adorable, of course.

  8. i love stealing the clothes off mannequins, it makes me feel fit. ;) i LOVVVVEEEE your dress. it reminds me of dorothy from the wizard of oz a little.

  9. The second photo of you is amazing, looks like you're Alice in Wonderland with that huge gnarled tree and misty atmosphere.

    Yes, Spring is THE best time for thrift shopping... everyone is doing their 'spring cleaning' and here in Chicago a lot of people start moving. Can't wait until flea market/garage sale season in the summer though, there's so much vintage to be found EVERY weekend.

  10. these photos look like a fairy tail.
    I love that dress.

    thrifting treasures is the greatest, glad you got lucky at the charity shops!

  11. I really love these photos! And that dress is beautiful. It fits you so well.

  12. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityApril 13, 2011

    You certainly found a good dress to disrobe a mannequin for! Heh.
    I can't recall if I've said this or not, but blue is such a nice color on you.

  13. Polly FarthingApril 13, 2011

    I love your hat! Primark is always full of surprises don't you think? I miss it being in LA. Polly xxx