Friday, April 29

Mommy, what's a gravedigga?

Last Sunday the husband and I took a trip to the seaside. In case you're wondering about the post title, it's a tune on one of our driving tapes. You can listen to it here, thanks be YouTube.

Although it's a mere two hour journey (including epic traffic jam) this was the first time I went to the Norfolk coast, Hunstanton in particular. It's image overload you guys, my editing skills shorted out after I weened the loot down to ehem ten. Much apologizings :)

My outfit was quite temperature inappropriate. The day before it had been 27C/80F and that's what I dressed for instead of a gusty 15C/60F. I was wearing my other half's sweater for most of our walk along the beach :)

Remember those children's bracelets I bought the other day? Here they are in all their pastel glory. My new plastic fantastic necklace :)

I thought I was used to sticking out from the crowd but I was wholely unprepared for the reaction to our hair: You'd have thought aliens had landed and were procreating in public while waving "kill all earthlings" placards in their many tentacles. I had expected kids to be loud about it but you'd have thought adults were a little more open minded than shouting "look at that!", pointing wildly, frowning and tutting at us. Not just one or two either but a continuous stream of people.

Bless. That's all I can say. Bless'em. What grey little worlds they must inhabit to make a little brightness seems so objectionable.

In traditional sea side manner we started the afternoon munching some chips (chunky french fries) and warmed up with mugs of tea and a cupcake at a little greasy spoon later on.
We also strolled through a couple of amusement arcades. I love all the lights, the colourful machines and cacophony of noisy game themes, alarms and cheesy music. As alien as we seemed to some with our silly hair, I am equally engrossed (though quietly so) with the people single-mindedly feeding coin after coin to slot machines. Sitting perched on bar stools, coin cup in hand, staring unblinkingly at the machine in front of them. Waiting for their big break.
We stopped at one of many sweet shops along the promenade to buy some rock candy (canes of boiled sugar), emptied the sand out of our shoes and made our way home by the early evening.

Yay for day-tripping adventures the first and hurray for May (almost)! Bring on the bare feet!

wig: eBay
sunnies: claire's
necklace: DIY
bracelet: market years ago (I'll show you a close up another day)
dress: ASOS
cardi: primark
peach tights: welovecolors
sandals: kurt geiger (years ago)

Portrait format images courtesy of my other half. I lazily left my tripod in the boot so you can see my camera reflected in both "point camera back at self and grin maniacally" shots :)


  1. your hair is the fiercest thing I ever did see.

  2. Love the hair! So great, and I agree about the poor folks in their grey little worlds ;)
    That dress is gorgeous too, and those sunglasses! Awesome!
    M xo

  3. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityApril 29, 2011

    I think it's fantastic that you and your husband went out sporting colored hair! Just think, perhaps amidst all the points and stares you inspired people to open the grey little doors of their grey little worlds into embracing a life filled with more color and fun. You never know ;)

    Lovely, lovely dress, by the way. And those sunnies are incredibly cool. This post is making me yearn for the seaside. I cannot wait for little treks to the coast this summer.
    Also, I adored your dress in your last post. So pretty!

  4. Beautiful shots and stunning dress,love it!!!You both guys look great!

  5. haha. aliens you may be! Okay not at all but that seems like it was an odd situation to go through. Anyway you both look so cute together and I love all the scenery!

  6. I love all the pink! And I think you and your beloved look adorable together. Sounds like you had a perfect day to me: You and your beloved together, with pink and blue hair, at the seashore, chips, mugs of tea and cupcakes!

  7. I love your pink hair. Who would have said that such a colour would look so fantastic???

  8. you look like a cute space 20s flapper. it's adorable. space like from outer space. i would love to see you walking around my town. you'd brighten my day!

  9. amazing pics... looks like you had an awesome day. you're so cute in this light pink outfit.

  10. The color of your outfit is so pretty! Love the scenery for these photos :]

  11. Thanks! love your flapper dress! and the location is so pretty:)

  12. Sounds like such a playful day. I love the pink wig! I was out for dinner with my daughters last evening. One of my daughters is very tattooed and another diner made an absolute ass of herself tut-tutting over it.

  13. Amazing wig! Very "Lost in Translation". I love that dress! I've been wanting to get a similar one for ages but that color doesn't really suit me..

  14. Aw! Looks like you had fun! i love going to the beach. I live near Lake Michigan and it's like an ocean - so nice! <3

    I've always wanted to have pink hair. But a softer, almost white pink. Maybe I'll get a wig and try it out one day. *winks*

    ~ Katie

  15. You look so cute! Love the outfit!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  16. Emily_RubySlippersApril 30, 2011

    Really? People are unbelievable! You looked great anyway... I love all the pictures of the beach and that one of you standing against the rock background!

  17. "What grey little worlds they must inhabit to make a little brightness seems so objectionable." I just love that so much that I wrote it in my quote book.

    Also, I love your full embrace of pink here, and the way you and your husband look so perfectly colorfully matched, and that fabulous diy necklace. Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

  18. OndressingupMay 01, 2011

    The first photo is a total winner. Perfectly exposed, beautiful composition, etc. AND yes yes yes to the pastel pink wig paired with blush-toned dress. YES.

  19. So juvenile. Sometimes I get a kick out of tutting right back ;)

  20. I have been too lazy and busy to comment lately but you need to know that your pink wig (and other wig too!) is totally awesome and I definitely cheer you on in wig-wearing! I love this pink one most though, I love the cut, I obviously love the colour and it look superb in pictures with you and your partner <3. It also looks fabulous on this light and sweet outfit!