Wednesday, April 13

Me and my homies

I feel like I am really getting the hang of faux-group shots at last :) The photoshop part (watch my how to here) I've been happy with for a little wile now but the bit where I remember my individual positions and "interact" with the other Stef's took some getting used to, never mind composing the group of me into something visually pleasing.

I do wonder what people think when they see me posing in front of my tripod for photo after photo. I don't expect the nagging inner voice reminding me that I look like a narcissistic nut will ever go away completely ;) I always imagine people will disapprove of my self obsession but so far I've only ever intrigued, mildly confused and amused people when I've answered their questions about what I am up to. I am certified quirky. ;)

So it's Wednesday now. That means I've probably got the last minute jitters about our performance of summer nights right now. Tell me more, tell me more, but you don't gotta brag! Have I mentioned that I haven't a musical bone in my body? :D

Midweek you guys - I'll be home by tomorrow evening. See you on the weekend!

beret: eBay
cardi: primark
cardi clips: etsy
blouse: All-Mighty
skirt: urban outfitters
knee socks: primark


  1. so cute, any close-ups of your shoes?

  2. amazing shot of you, you, you, and you.
    hehe. It would be fun to see if those people knew you had a blog to see the final result of you taking photos of yourself. I love your shoes!

  3. hahaha you and your homies look great. i love your matching outfits!! but seriously, all the neutral tones are so nice together. (: and good luck with your performance! p.s. it truly is difficult to explain the whole taking pictures for your blog thing, but.. what can you do? haha

  4. I can just imagine. "I'm taking pictures for a group shot of four of me." Uh-huh... Anyway, I know I said this last time too, but this group shot is exceptionally brilliant.... ; )

  5. You never cease to impress me with your photoshop skills! Sooo good :D
    My boyfriend takes my pictures, and we get lots of funny looks when I take them away from the safety of my backyard, haha!
    I'm loving the textures and soft colours in this outfit! Those cardi clips are adorable!
    M xo

  6. Oh my goodness, I couldn't love this post more. That first picture is absolutely perfect and I love your outfit. Such a gorgeous use of neutrals.

  7. Yes, you are quirktastic. ;) That first shot is genius. I would not have your patience! You look lovely in the rosy hues, and good luck tonight!!

  8. Your performance will go swimmingly. I am always envious of your photoshop skills.

  9. This outfit is amazing! Those colours - the socks... the collar... brilliant! And you have definately mastered the group shot, that first pic is hilarious!