Tuesday, April 19


This was going to be my cheapskate "costume" for the 70s party on the first night of my Belgium trip for work, but after I finished getting ready I decided to give the event a miss after all. With people in Lycra suits and crazy wigs I think I would have looked distinctly underdressedcostumed ;) Instead I got to read a while :)

This dress is just a smidgeon shorter than I'd like but the hem allowance is quite large so I am going to let it out a bit to make for a less self-conscious wear :) Of course I'll have to familiarize myself with my new sewing machine first. I haven't even looked at how to thread it yet :D
beret: eBay
dress: All-Mighty
shoes: clarks

And another one.. not a costume, but what I wore for the road & rail journey:

Thanks so much to all of you who already rated my portfolio. You guys are the best :)
The second round of voting is now open. Would you rate my competition entry (again)?

dress: etsy
cardi: primark


  1. Emily_RubySlippersApril 19, 2011

    I love your "costume dress." It's annoying when things are too short, but get working on that hemline and I'm sure it'll be perfect! Off to rate the portfolio now!

  2. Emily_RubySlippersApril 19, 2011

    Also, just to say, the portfolio is genuinely inspired. I hadn't seen the photo of you beating yourself up before... ; )

  3. LavilleinconnueApril 19, 2011

    I love both those dresses, the costume one has such cute buttons, and the other is just perfect!! Also, I just went and rated your portfolio, it's awesome!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Will do. I love the dress with the buttons that run down it. How do you get multiple pictures of yourself in one photo like you have where your kicking yourself? Are you using photoshop? Thanks Good luck lady off to vote for you.

  5. I think it is so lovely. I adore the buttons!!! I am sure your outfit will be much different than the rest, but it is going to be the most beautiful!!! I love it.

  6. Thanks :) Yes, I use photoshop to paste the different me's into one picture :)

  7. Crystal LeeApril 19, 2011

    I love the lavender beret & tights, and both dresses are just darling.

  8. thanks! looove the cute lil buttons on your shoes.

  9. your rail journey dress is devine, i love the button detail. i'll head over and vote again

  10. New sewing machine!! Lucky! :D
    Love both of these dresses, the buttons details are so pretty and fun!
    Off to vote for you again ;)
    M xo

  11. Both dresses are dreamy. I love the length and color of the second one in particular. Belgium sounds like such a fun trip! How long are you there for?

  12. Oh, I like both of these looks very much - especially the buttons on the first one. How nice that it's got enough seam allowance that you can let it out.

  13. Thanks :) I was there for four days, getting back on Thursday - I post with a little time lag :)

  14. I think that your "costume" dress is gorgeous. I also like the button theme in your photos. And, I have to say, your hotel room made for a wonderful photo shoot location! There is something about these photos that you took in the hotel room. It's like being caught in time ... waiting. Really wonderful.

  15. i really love the forst look! so chic and lady-like.


  16. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityApril 20, 2011

    The button detailing on both dresses is great. And both have such interesting collars. I do like a good, interesting collar :)

    Good luck on that hem!

  17. AmberBlueBird83April 20, 2011

    both dresses are adorable, the detailing is so very cute and you look wonderful in each dress. Thanks so much for your toilet comment on my poop and vinegar post :) Any lady who can write a comment about a toilet deserves my attention. Consider me your new follower!

  18. Ashley/ Milk teethsApril 20, 2011

    your "costume" is so great, surely you must wear that outfit out normally--its adorable!

  19. The lighting here is spectacular!! I'm in awe, you have upped the game for indoor nighttime lighting, that's for sure ;)

  20. Jasmine, Transient WithdrawalApril 21, 2011

    You look so cute--very Harriet-the-spy-esque :) I think it's the little beret and the mary-janes!

  21. I have voted again!! I want you to win.

    Admiring the collar on your costume.