Monday, April 25


Before drafting this post (on Saturday - hello to you from the past!) I switched on the kettle and walked over to the kitchen door to take a peek out at the garden. I jumped up and down a little at the sight of it and giggled "It's glorious, it's glorious" in a silly sing song voice. Yep, I am pretty childish when it comes down to it. 27C/80F sunshine in late April and not a cloud in the sky. The stuff of legend. ;)

I remember seeing some tea cup pendants around blog land a little while back. I don't recall if this little cup came from Mom's or my doll house but now it doubles as a pendant :)

The miniature harmonica (in working condition) was a present from our teacher to each pupil in my class when we completed primary school. I thought I'd lost it but rediscovered it rummaging through some drawers at my parent's house last Christmas. There's nothing like a good rummage.

This delicate little piece can be worn as a necklace or doubled up around your wrist. It was a present from a friend some years ago :)

I didn't say the other day when we were talking wigs but as you can see I now own not just one but two. The way I was banging on about longing for long hair in that post you might have wondered why I went for a short haired wig. Well, this one is the solution to my long, thick hair cravings. :)

Also, you may wish to imagine a pimple next to my mouth. I rudely edited it out of the close up - I didn't fancy sharing my spots today. Not condusive to showing off your brand new wig you see. Take that reality! :P

As I cycled off to take these pictures I could hear our nosy (the curtain twitching type) neighbours a few doors down ask "Who is she?" Ha! Unknown woman leaving from annoying couple's house early in the morning. Scandalous! I am sure they let their imagination roam ;)

wig: eBay
tea cup "pendant": miniature ceramic cup
harmonica: present
bracelet: present
blouse: H&M years ago
belt: primark
skirt: uo
shoes: clarks


  1. I love the new wigs! It is incredible how they totally transform the way you look! Are they difficult to style?

  2. So far I've only stuffed my own hair in a net, pulled them over my hed and brushed them but I am slowly edging my way towards giving them a little hair cut. Just a little scared as soon as there will be no growing out any mistakes ;)
    They are actually really comfy - like wearing a cap and not hot like I imagined.

  3. Gracie JohnsApril 25, 2011

    what a pretty spot for photos, i love that close up photo of you!

  4. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityApril 25, 2011

    I've been searching for a dollhouse tea cup to string on a necklace for quite some time now. eBay has only turned up ugly ones or a complete tea set (neither of which I want). I love how you paired this little beauty with a harmonica (that works, no less!).

    Another fun wig! And scandalous, hehe. The bit about the neighbors was too funny. I'm quite enamored with this outfit. If the garments were mine, I'd want to wear that blouse and skirt together all the time :)

  5. My god! Your hair has magically grown like a madman!! It look really awesome long! I'm still waiting for some leaves to sprout here but it looks AMMMMMAZING there!


  6. Beautiful! Your "hair" looks lovely and I adore the pretty little pendants. Very jealous of your abnormally gorgeous weather, too..

  7. Our Saturday was absolutely glorious too. So much so that I couldn't be bothered to take or post any pictures - instead I spend hours doing yard work. And then Sunday it raining. Aw, Spring.

  8. it took me a second to realize what blog i was reading! i love mini harmonicas! i have one, it's no hohner, but i love it all the same.

  9. Love the tea cup/harmonica necklace... I'd probably have to get a plastic or metal cup though as I'd likely chip a ceramic one.

    It took me a minute to realize why you looked so different, the hair looks natural and fits your complexion perfectly!

  10. Emily_RubySlippersApril 25, 2011

    I kind of like you with long hair (no disrespect to the "straw" as you call it, at all). But the witchy length is quite fetching. Also, I really like the floral belt over polka dots and pleats, and the skirt in general.

    Also, you might have to do a tutorial on editing spots (unless it's really easy, then you can just tell me) ; ) I have had really awful skin for about two weeks ago, which I'm solving by taking photos from creative angles, but photoshopping would make life much easier. Screw reality! It's our 600 px faces we're talking about!

  11. I adore everything about these photos. Your outfit seems perfectly suited to the location, very Secret Garden as I imagine it, and so feminine. I adore the little floral belt over that polka dotted top and Im swooning over the pleats, length and color of your skirt. Also, the long hair is lovely on you!!! And I fully support editing close-ups, especially when fleeting little blemishes are involved. (love that you disclosed the editing, I would never have known!)

  12. what an amazing wig!! i wish my hair was like that every day. haha by the way, the pimple mention certainly made me lol (:

    P.S. your outfit is PERFECT!! the skirt, the polka dots, the floral belt... i'm in love!!

  13. SO convincing! what locks! that skirt is the perfect length

  14. I would love to have the photoshop skills to remove my spots...and then, to add makeup!

  15. If you have photoshop clone stamp is your friend - I'll check if the free online editors have an equivalent spot treatment :D

  16. Your wig is very convincing and looks brilliant on you! Your pink one in the previous post is also very fetching ^U^

  17. You look so lovely with long black hair.
    Loving the tea cup necklace.

  18. that wig looks amazing. I love this outfit, the dusty rose and the polka dots. What a wonderful story about your mini harmonica, so nice when things like that have real meaning. glad to hear its warm across the pond! xxx

  19. Crystal LeeApril 26, 2011

    Girl, you got it going on in today's post. Love the hair! I long for long hair and have often thought about getting extensions, but I fear I'd pull it all out by the end of the day, like I do when I get fake nails. I love the sentimental little charms you have on your necklace. Hope it stays sunny for ya!

  20. Mrs VintageApril 26, 2011

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  21. Stef I'm trying to rate your portfolio but can't figure out where to click. Sorry I got wind of it so late. Is there still time?? Please send me a link on twitter if there's still time. :)


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  22. They've stopped ratings now - thank you for checking it out :)

  23. I thought your hair looked different! I have a magnificent red wig I need to post on my blog sometimes - I love the way you can use them to play around with different styles.
    I had a similar reaction to the sun. I have spent the last week or so alternating between sunbathing, sunny walks and revision. Glorious!
    The pleated skirt looks really pretty, and the necklace is ridiculously sweet. The fact that the mini harmonica has a sotry behind it makes it all the more charming.

  24. The wig looks so nice. I love your mini harmonica; its so adorable.

  25. I can't believe that is a wig! It looks so so good (I especially like the bangs). And totally amazing outfit as well lady. The pink pleated skirt is dreamy and something that I would very much like for myself :-) xoxo

  26. That has to be the most gorgeous wig I've ever seen. Makes me want one. Also, your outfit is lovely..amazing skirt and that has to be the cutest necklace:)

  27. Wow! It's amazing how a hairstyle changes one's appearance. I remember trying on a long hair wig once. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself. It was a little big creepy. Perhaps it was too drastic a change in one go.

  28. Your accessories are so the teacup and harmonica...lovely outfit and Sunny days in April are truly the best!

  29. jesus_christ_bananasApril 27, 2011

    Ha ha I love that comment about your curtain-twitching neighbours. It's amazing what difference a hairpiece can make :-D

  30. this wig rocks!i recently found out about them since i m doing my thesis with a girl from nigeria who was always coming to the lab with perfect hair and i asked her how she finds time to make her hair every morning! i m want to try out one too!

  31. the littlest pollyApril 28, 2011

    you are so great! always love your photos doll!!

    love, polly :)