Saturday, April 9

A rin tin tin tin..

I only noticed that the animal I am riding here is a dog when I was editing the image. Saddle up pooch!

I might be AWOL for most of next week but I've got a couple of posts from Thursday, Friday and today scheduled . Longer days are such a treat. :)

I am going to Belgium with work and I don't think I'll be leaving the hotel much. It will be an "activity" packed few days. Some of the guys in my department are doing Summer Nights for a talent contest and I'll be one of the group of boys singing "tell me more" (out of tune in my case). Let's see how well I do at subduing my hair into some greasy men-do. Uh well-a well-a well-a HUH..

beret: eBay
dress: modcloth
sweater: supermarket (Asda)
felt brooch: present
jacket: Topshop some years ago
belt: H&M
shoes: melissa


  1. Lovely photos, as ever.
    Enjoy your trip and your weekend.

  2. You always inspire me to wear blue, I don't own enough of it. I love how the first photo showcases the stages of the outfit; you are so talented!

  3. I love how you could say "I'm a triplet" if you wanted to in the first shot which is amazing by the way. awesome job. hehe. I love this outfit!!! have fun in Belgium

  4. hahaha..that is weird that it is a dog and not a horse or something rideable! :P
    love the floral pattern on your dress. i do not think i will ever get sick of floral dresses in my lifetime.
    have fun in belguim love..

  5. haha, that's so funny!! i performed that grease song for this musical song night when i was younger. anyway, have fun in belgium!!! love your sweater over the dress, btw.

  6. Honor Bailey-RosseApril 09, 2011

    I thought your shoes looked like melissa ones so I scrolled down and found out I was correct :) They smell so gurd

  7. I love your photo adventures/ photoshop art. The willow tree is my fave!

  8. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityApril 10, 2011

    Ooh, Belgium. Have fun! I do hope you'll recount your tales of the talent competition :)

    I love seeing how you style this dress. Beautiful, as always.

  9. Kitsune kunApril 10, 2011

    So so pretty! I love this dress and I LOVE your silver shoes!

  10. oranges_and_applesApril 10, 2011

    I love a good clone picture! the dress is lovely too. Have fun in Belgium!

  11. One of my all-time favourite "multiple Stef" pictures! Have fun in Belgium!

  12. Oh, I wish I had your creative photography skills and a willow tree. I remember the willow from one of my very first visits to your blog. Have fun in Belgium. shall miss you.

  13. Jessica BenzerApril 12, 2011

    Your dress is so pretty! I really love the photo with three of you in it!