Thursday, March 17

What 's for dinner?

I was going to take some pictures at a local church but the gates were locked so when I found this place two doors down I couldn't believe I'd never noticed it before.

It 's a little car park painted by Blight Society. Turns out it 's new, so I wasn't walking through town blinkered after all :D

I write to you from an internet free evening (yes, I know - it’s shocking).
I am writing to you via Notepad (I know, It’s really shocking).

Our router has died and the new one will not arrive for another couple of days so I am preparing some pictures to put online first thing Thursday morning. Not posting every other day makes me antsy so I figured I'd just get myself to the office a bit early tomorrow morning.

Other than a worrying lack of blog reading the life offline isn't all bad. We finally found time to watch the last couple of episodes of The Walking Dead and the Dual Spires episode of Psych. First episode of Psych I've ever seen - no idea what the rest is like but the owls are absolutely what they seem.
Now to get this on a key drive and transport myself to the quiet mountain town of Southpark...
Watching TV. That is what people used to do before the net took over, right?

I'll see you guys as soon as the post man brings us a box full of webs. Meanwhile, have a most excellent second half to the week you all!

It would appear eBay is my friend..
Hat: eBay
Scarf: ex-Mom's
Cardi: H&M last year
Belt: eBay
Skirt: H&M some years ago
Boots: eBay

Coat: Tulle via Ruche
Faux-fur collar: from another coat


  1. Sometimes we look for things when the most exciting ones are around the corner.
    Such a magnificent background place.

  2. Emily_RubySlippersMarch 17, 2011

    Hehe, you seem to be really suffering your lack of internet. I'm kind of glad to get away from it sometimes, although if mine died now while I'm doing this essay that would be very bad indeed.

    Cambridge seems to be a graffiti haven!

  3. lovely scarf with the cardigan. All these wonderful artworks in all your shots makes me wish there was graffiti worth taking photos in front of by me but no. . they're all just boring tags.

  4. haha those fish are so great! also, what a lovely coat!

  5. Great pics - very fun location. And a very fun outfit - you look fabulous in marigold.

  6. Super adorable outfit, I like the pop of goldenrod. A fun photoshoot background too, it reminds me of the TV show "Futurama" for some reason.

    Hope you get the internet back soon, I went 3 months without a computer and that was torture!

  7. ooh, love the bright colors of the scarf and sweater! how are you liking the walking dead? we watch it too, it scares the bejeezus out of me.

  8. I don't think that I have ever deliberately chosen to be away from the world wide web, but I have sometimes been forced to be without it. At first, it seemed like more than I could bear, but, after a while, I wanted to do away with all my technology. Enjoy your time away! I love the gold and orange combination! And the graffiti! :)

  9. You're so skilled at working different colors into your outfits without seeming garish or clashy. I don't know of many other bloggers who can wear this many yellow/orange tones at once without looking like a clown-school drop-out. You just have the magic touch. I am constantly inspired by your blog!

    Sorry that you're forced off-line at the moment- it's always a minor crisis when our internet is down until I sit back and remember that there is a life outside of the web involving things like books and conversation :)

    Oh and thank you for linking me on your blog roll!!!

  10. What wonderful art/backdrop! You sound like you're being most resourceful without your router.

  11. ondressingupMarch 19, 2011

    Notepad?! Holy. I haven't used in Notepad in years and years. Those sweet dolphins behind you made me laugh. The colours you're wearing are so bright and fantastic. Helps to brighten up cold days.

  12. TrophyboutiqueMarch 20, 2011

    I am kind of obsessed with your orange belt. I don't think I have ever been obsessed with a belt before, so this is a momentous occasion for me.

  13. That cardi and scarf are perfect together. LOVE it!
    What a set of murals to happen upon! Seems like a great local for future photo-ops.

  14. I love this backdrop Steph :) Not only is it beautiful in and of itself, but it makes the yellows and oranges of your outfit pop wonderfully too!
    And ahhh, I would go crazy without a 24/7 internet connection. Sad but true. Hope yours got restored soon!