Tuesday, March 29

Three kinds of green

I've been after a bomber jacket for ages but never could find one I liked, so when Annie's went up for grabs I did some grabbing.

I guess you guys influenced my colour choices with your green variations for St. Patrick's. Since I got these olive tights they've been my go to. Green and pink, green and brown, green and grey. It's such a lush colour I can't get enough of it :)

I have been a little absent online - first our router and now my bottom left wisdom tooth. Such a trouble maker. Stays out late, blasts his stereo at 3 AM, gets inflamed. OK. The first two were made up. If I could I'd rip that guy out myself - after a week of lockjaw* I am really bored with liquids.

*I exaggerate of course - but you're invited to my pitty party! Yay! ;)

Wishing you a week of dental health and general blissfulness! Have a good one you all :)

headband: Camden years ago
scarf: DIY
jacket: Zara via Time Enough for Drums
top: I think H&M a long time ago
belt: ex Mom's
skirt: vintage via etsy
tights: welovecolors
shoes: Office


  1. Loving you in gree and your more than fabulous photos.
    Do not worry, from now on it will be all the way up. That´s what life is all about: ups and downs.
    Take care, spring is here.

  2. You really need to lay down the law with that pesky tooth and let her know who's the head of the household. :D
    I'm so envious of all that green in your pictures, we're still mostly white and grey here.

  3. It seems so simple but I love your belt buckle. I hope your tooth ache gets better and subsides. Have a good week ^U^

  4. I love the new bomber jacket, but feel I have had less success wearing the color green. You'll get LOTS of pity from me on the tooth as I have been dealing with a bad one for months now...and am growing tired of liquids myself.

  5. Crystal LeeMarch 29, 2011

    Girl, green is really your color. always such lovely scenery in your photos too!

  6. beautiful colors. i love the photos too!

  7. you are beauty-full. love all the green! and that jacket's pretty cool too (:

  8. Oh, no, I hope your tooth feels better. I remember having to get one of my wisdom teeth pulled - it was terrible.


  9. I love how you mix & match colours, the different shades of greens work well here. Sorry to hear about your tooth, I had to get my 4 wisdom teeth cut out 8 years ago, right before I left home for college! I was still eating soft foods the first day of school so I feel your pain.

  10. wisdom teeth are the worst!
    they just ach and ach. i hope it gets better.
    your photos are beautiful as usual...
    i love that belt...you mom's got good taste

  11. the way you use green is amazing! ugh seriously. can't get over your use of color.

  12. If I could I would come join you in this wilderness. I love how you perfectly blend into the nature.

    I think amongst all the blogs I visit, I have missed yours the most while I was away. :)

  13. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMarch 30, 2011

    I love how there are so many lovely shades of green out in the world. You've blended these so beautifully!

    Hope that tooth feels better and behaves itself!

  14. boo, dental pain is THE WORST. seriously. my mom said when she had her gum surgery it was worse than childbirth, and i believe it. luckily i was so drugged up when i had my wisdom teeth out the only real pain i felt was when i watched a scary movie, screamed, and burst a couple of stitches (ouch!).

    i am totally in love with this set of photos--that tortured mossy landscape matched your outfit so perfectly. the bomber is divine. you can NOT go wrong with herringbone tweed :)

    feel better!

  15. I love your bomber jacket. Most of them don't have as much collar as yours does. Your surroundings look so tranquil. I can even hear the birds chirping. Your "wisdom" tooth, if it is so wise, should take the hint! I hope you feel better soon!

  16. Ooh, I hope you feel better! This photo shoot is so awesome-- you look like a wood nymph with a slight hipster vibe. Awesome!

  17. Such wonderful colors here! I love the multiple shades of green in this outfit, and at that risk of sounding pathetically corny.... I'm green with envy that you own that vintage skirt and I dont! I love the fit, the shape, and of course the color as well.
    I know I say this EVERY time, but beautiful photos. You are such a talented photographer!
    Best of luck on the wisdom tooth woes. Ugh, oral pain is the worst! I hope the little guy comes out without putting up too much of a fight!