Thursday, March 31


Last weekend was hazy grey and lazy. The coffee, couch, remote control variety.
I originally wore this a couple of weeks back but when I finally went out to take these photos on Sunday I had a nagging feeling that I've worn the exact same outfit before. In the end I worked it out: It 's a mix of these two.

Thanks for all your sweet comments regarding my dental cluster f-. I am now on antibiotics and the swelling is slowly but surely going down *insert tight lipped sigh of relief* and I am cheering myself up with retail therapy as you'll know if you follow my tumblr. Yep, I've joined the online scrapbook troupe and set up a little sister blog to accompany Diversions: divertified is a mix of found photography, screen caps and quotes.

beret: eBay
coat: supermarket (Tesco)
scarf: ex Mom's
blouse: All Mighty
belt: ex Mom's
skirt: ancient H&M
tights: supermarket
socks: asos
shoes: office


  1. I am glad to know that you are feeling better.
    I admire the magic you can create with your outfits, the woods and a little bit of photophop.
    You are fantastic.

  2. I love these tones of plum and yellow together! You're always such a wiz with the colours.
    Good to hear you are recovering well - those wisdom teeth are nasty business! I recommend milking the chance to eat chocolate mouse and custard. :)

  3. Thanks :) There has been lots of semolina and milkshakes

  4. Eep, I must have missed the tooth crisis... I second Rebecca in putting you on a diet of the most delicious liquid-y foods. : )

  5. lovey lovely outfit as always, and beautiful background!

  6. what a gorgeous place to take pictures. i love how all the bright colors you're wearing really pop against the green. and please know i stared, confused, at that picture for a really long time before i realized you had just photoshopped yourself in, haha. clones!

    i hope your teeth get feeling better, dental problems are the worst!

  7. oh i am glad you are feeling better.
    your pictures always put a smile on my face.
    i always love all the colors you use.
    beautiful as always! :)

  8. dearbeatriceMarch 31, 2011

    the second photo is awesome!! glad to hear your feeling better, especially with retail therapy! ^,^

  9. So glad you're feeling better - retail therapy works wonders, doesn't it?!


  10. beautiful, no wonder you wore it again...

    i love the second photo...
    kind of creepy, in a good way!


  11. Looks so lush there! So green and pretty! As usual your bold colours are so nice! I really like your sock.shoe combo!


  12. Nothing like the colour goldenrod to cheer up a gloomy day! It's been sunny here in Chicago (at last) but still chilly.

    Good to hear you're starting to feel better! I pretty much take any excuse to (thrift) shop.