Sunday, March 27

Frozen algae

Do you ever accidentally buy violent tights? All too often they look perfect on the colour chart but a bit much when the parcel arrives. I do like them but the combinations sure aren't endless pairing magenta this vibrant.

Check out the frozen algae - gorgeous slush isn't it? Like a miniature landscape with all those colours and bubbles. It gets into the 50s F/10s C during the day but on clear mornings temperatures are still freezing and as soon as I've been waking up at 6:46 AM every morning for the past few days these pictures were taken early alright. Whatever is up with my inner clockwork?!

By the way, I never realized paddling pool was a U.K. specific term: This is a public wading pool for toddlers to splash around in in the summer.

beret: eBay
blouse: etsy
jacket: Tulle via modcloth
dress: H&M some years ago
shoes: some bargain bin


  1. Wonderful pic of the algae..., quite an inspiration.
    I love the colour of your tights, it brightens up the whole ensemble.
    Loving you skirt.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Oh I do that too!! And it is that super bright red that gives me the worst trouble. My solution has been to layer tights on top of it to try to take the edge off. :)

  3. dude, the frozen algae is so cool!!! haha and i love that phrase, "violent tights." totally know what you mean. the curly tendrils of your hair are the cutest

  4. Love the collar & little bow on your blouse, it's almost a girly version of a sailor blouse.

    The frozen algae is amazing, it looks rather primordial.

  5. that first picture is so cool. :P
    i love all the colors in it.
    you look lovely as always darling.
    your top has the perfect collar.
    have a wonderful upcoming week love.

  6. I love this outfit- the bright tights and shoes, with the black and white, so fun! I recognize "paddling pool" from Bridget Jones' Diary, I love British phrases or words that we don't use, they are so funny!

  7. I like this color of tights with the black and white skirt! I ordered a pair of red tights, but they seem so bright and I haven't yet screwed up the courage to wear them.

  8. TrophyboutiqueMarch 28, 2011

    Oh that is cool looking!
    I love the colors you're sporting here--not the usual colors for you but I love them. Rock that magenta, girl. Why not?

  9. Wow, great photos! I love the colours of the algae, and it really does look like a miniature landscape!
    Also, I'm in love with your tights. They look great with those shoes!! Loving the sunglasses too, great outfit all around :D We were outfit-concept twins!
    M xo

  10. You look great, so chic!!!

  11. I love that algae! For some reason I first thought you'd bought tights with a frozen algae print? That would've been awesome! But I also really love your new tights. I don't think they are too violent of colour at all, but you know me and colours! :D

  12. I love the bright color! I think you pull it off very well! xoxo

  13. AnnaBananaCupcakeMarch 28, 2011

    The algae makes for some beautiful photos!! I love the beret and glasses on you too. Adorable.

  14. I love the vibrant tights! I agree, they may prove challenging for everyday wear, but they are so fun! I had a similarly "violent" pair of red tights but I can't seem to find them anymore, so these are even more appealing because they remind me of loves lost.

    Also, the frozen algae shots are great- I love the macro/micro feel, as though they could be a topographical map of an entire continent or just a close up of icy sludge.

    And did you change up your header? Just a lil bit?

  15. Those tights are lovely! I don't think they're too vibrant :) And I've never seen frozen algae before...thanks for sharing!

  16. Cute outfit!! Love the location of pictures!!!

    And by the way - I love the color of the tights!!!


  17. YES, the slush is psychedelic :) And ya know I have a black and white skirt kind of similar to this I've been thinking of pairing with red tights...may have to borrow this outfit AND that first pose for inspiration :)

  18. a wading pool? ha.
    Those tights are bom dot com. I love how vibrant they are. You and your coloured tights, you wear them well lady.
    p.s. i found my self zoning out and staring at the algae photo for ages. quite randomly beautiful

  19. Hope you find your missing tights - one of my pairs has gone AWOL too, wonder what they're up to?!
    Love the way you summed up the algae. So well put :)

    And yes - The invasion up top is new :)

  20. Adore this outfit, the B&W dress is so pretty and it looks great paired with the red tights

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  21. cute top, love the red shoes, you should submit a pose to Wendy Brandes's blog

  22. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityMarch 30, 2011

    I've never seen frozen algae before. What a curious blob of textures and colors it is!

    Despite being more violent than you originally took them for, your magenta tights are really quite pretty. I'm sure you'll be able to mix 'em up in no time :)