Thursday, February 17

Red car, yellow car

So this whole closet count has been looming over me recently. I know some girls have a lot more garments than me but I also know there are lots of girls out there who's closet rail doesn't groan quite like mine. I wanted to know how much I had accumulated since channeling my consumerist longings into garments but on the other hand I really, really didn't want to know at all. In the end the dork in me won out.

At long last. I counted.

Including the laundry bin and what I am wearing right now but excluding undergarments and hoisery I have:

*drumroll please*
10 skirts
25 tops of which 17 are blouse-esque and one is a genuine t-shirt
11 cardigans (what gives - not so long ago there were only three!)
9 sweaters
a whopping 24 dresses including my wedding dirndl (Next Dressember I must have a go!)
2 pairs of trousers one of which is suitable for sports
7 coats/jackets 

I have 23 scarfs Awesomeness :D Before Mom's donation last December I think I had five.
17 pieces of headwear, mostly berets
8 bags/purses and
I did a shoe stock take a while back.

but hey, who 's counting? ;)

Hat: ex Mom's
Necklace: Present
Dress: H&M some years ago
Cardi: modcloth
Boots: eBay


  1. I am not counting...hehehhe. You are beyond fantastic, so keep them coming.

  2. 17 hats! I really need more, they doll up outfits so well. I always am in love with yours!

  3. Oh my, I'd be afraid to do such a count! But now I'm intrigued...hmm, maybe a project for my Reading Week :P
    M xo

  4. You have many more dresses than I do, but I've been working on having one for each month.

  5. No way, I could not force myself to count. It would be too much for me to handle.

    I ADORE this hat and can't wait to see the 16 others, hehe

  6. i've been thinking of counting. i don't think i have nearly as many clothes as other people. i have a lot of tshirts that i wear to sleep in/sit at home

  7. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityFebruary 18, 2011

    I've been back & forth with the idea of doing a closet count. I think the dork in me will win out, too. I recently did a closet purge, so hopefully doing a count will help me weed out some more things...

    Anyway! The print on your dress is beautiful. I love how you offset the white background with the cream colored hat and cardigan.

  8. I just realized you were never in my bloglist on my blog as my favorites when I thought you were. Anyway you are now. I'm glad about it. I can live with myself more now. Oh goodness I am glad you don't have THAT much, because so many people go overboard with how much stuff they have. I always loved that you rewear so much too.

  9. i love the cream-colored prettiness of this outfit! it all works so well together. i give you the coordination prize--your outfits are always so impeccably put together (but original and interesting at the same time--it's rare!).

  10. haha that's a crazy idea. so great that you have sooo many scarves!

  11. I love you even more counted your clothes.....for me it's kind of a similar obsession as counting my eraser collection. :) I love counting everything I have every few months and giving away a mid sized bag. I feel so jubilant afterward.

    On another note......I absolutely adore how the necklace and dress has gone together....and the unconventional way you paired this too. I would have gone with grey cardigan, stockings and black/ grey shoes......which now I think would have made the outfit much colder......but yours totally warms up the color palette.


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  12. I think black and grey are the only colours I sorely neglect in my outfits ;) I've actually been searching for my light grey pair of tights for ages now - it 's quite the mystery. I bought them, received them in the post and never saw them again :)

  13. Emily_RubySlippersFebruary 20, 2011

    So firstly: I love all your recent posts but am not going to comment on them all due to being really behind on everything and having 300 unread posts in my bloglovin... and I should really be writing an essay RIGHT NOW.

    and next: ugh, closet counting. I need to do that myself I think. I think I'd be shocked and appalled and the most shocking and appalling thing would be how much stuff is living in storage with my parents (I would never have to go shopping again if I could just get my hands on it, grrrr).

  14. Mary Van NoteFebruary 20, 2011

    Ooo! I love your hat and outfit so much!!!
    I don't even want to know how much clothing I own. I will feels so unbelievably guilty or something. Although it might be good to do some purging. I can't wait to see your wedding dirndl!