Sunday, February 13

Alas, poor Yorick

Purple Haze broke down, next there was Ickle. Ickle begot Ribbid begot Blue (all stolen). Blue begot this here Setico. Alas, poor Setico! It 's knackered.

I've had this one for over three years. I think that's the longest I've ever had a bike since moving to England. Ickle I had for the shortest time: A glorious 1930s Falcon it was thieved within 72 hours. Don't let anybody tell you a D-lock is hard to break. I've lost my keys many a time so I know from experience: You can get it open in one hit if you aim a hammer right. Never mind bolt cutters.

I am told bikes stolen in Cambridge are usually resold in Oxford. Then when they once again are crammed into the back of a white van they are driven right back to Cambridge. Not that I am still sore about Ickle or anything ;)

Anyway, it 's time for a "new" bike so I wanted to make sure I had some pictures of old Setico first. I have none of Ickle, Ribbid or Blue - which is a shame as soon as those were all classics. I'll show you my new ride as soon as I've found one that 's right for me :)

It 's funny how some dresses just make you want to twirl. I feel all twirly in this one :)

I wore this on Wednesday and was inordinately surprised to see Louise in the same dress when I was browsing blogs. I did a little double take looking down myself. Yep, that is what I am wearing. Louise really wore it a couple of days before me, but that is still a pretty cool coincidence. :D

Beret: eBay
Dress: Tulle via Time Enough for Drums
Skirt: modcloth
Scarf: ex Mom's
Cardi: Charity shop
Boots: eBay


  1. I love how the backgroud is part of your whole outfit post. Fantastic fist pic. When or if I ever get photoshop I shall pick your brains.
    You are fabulous.
    Have a superb Sunday my friend.

  2. You don't necessarily need photoshop to do an animation. The self tmer on my camera allows me to take 10 shots in short succession so I set up the tripod and go. If you don't have a self timer like that you could ask a friend to take a few photos of you in short succession? Once you have the individual images that make up the frames of your little animation there are also lots of free services online that offer animated gif. If you google "free animated gif" you should see a selection of what is available :)

  3. Whoa, that animation is sooo cool. I love how you always blend so perfectly with your backgrounds. The orange and yellows in your outfit are the perfect cheery combination for this dreary winter. Another fantastic post:)

  4. Emily, Ruby Slipper JourneysFebruary 13, 2011

    Awesome gif-thingy! Your bike reminds me of my Mexican bike, which I miss the appearance of but not the crummy reality of riding up hills on. I´m filled with rage over your stolen ickle however. Bicycle thieves are absolute scum. I have a motorcycle lock for my unattractive bike in Barcelona, and they still have stolen every single bit that wasn´t nailed to the ground on various occasions.

    Oh, and I just love this outfit!

  5. TrophyboutiqueFebruary 13, 2011

    I love the orangey oranges and your bike riding shot is amazing! And of course I am obsessed with your cardigan.

  6. The dress is so wonderful, I saw it on Louise earlier, but I didn't put two and two together! It looks completely different (and equally amazing) on you! I love it styled with the skirt peeking out from underneath and the orange-y scarf :D
    Also, the picture with you biking across totally blew my mind. Can't wait to see your "new" bike when it finds you!
    M xo

  7. ahhh..i love the animation.
    so amazing. i could watch it for hours..hahaha..
    (i am entertained easily)
    i looooove twirly dresses! they are the BEST!

  8. I love your GIFs! And the layered skirts are brilliant. ow could your first bike have been nabbed to quickly? Evil evil theives!

    Ok, so I have so share my own little Cambridge biking story...
    When we were visiting big sister, she was complaining about getting wet legs on her ride to work, so mum decided we should buy her some water-proof trousers. We trotted off to the store and mum asked the sales assistant where she could find "gortex pants" (because we aussies call those leg-coverings pants, you see). The poor guy was completely confused and was wondering what sort of crazy fetishist wanders into a department store with their family... then responded: "The TROUSERS madam, are at the back". :)

  9. Lovely dress and in a Creamsicle color! Has me wishing for a taste of orange sherbet. A "new" car and a new bike?! Lucky girl.

  10. haha i love the special effect things that you do (like in that first photo). i loooove that bike!

  11. Ok I had to look up what knackered meant (and I'm guessing you didn't mean your bike was sexually expent). So sad! But at least you have pretty twirly clothes to brighten up the day. I really love how you put the skirt underneath like a petticoat!

  12. What a git. You'd think he might have worked it out from context. Had me chuckling though :D Imagine flirtatious men's glee every time a girl named Randy comes into the country - It 's a colloquialism for horny over here

  13. Maybe old Setico had a secret second life.. so that's where the raunchy music came from..

  14. cute post ; )



  15. You never cease to amaze me with your pure outfit perfections! Always you are a so delightfully and uniquely put together! Love it! OH, and craziness about all the bike thievery that goes on. I had no idea!

    much love: miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly)

  16. I saw that dress on Louise and loved it. I thought I recognized it when I saw this thinking, "Oh goodness I love yellow dresses. . .wait, maybe she's worn this one before because I know I've seen it" but there you said it! Now I know where I saw it before. So cool. I love your bike and the basket is adorable. I used to always want a bike with a basket like that in front. The closest I had to it was when I got my first bike I made my dad buy me a little pink basket with snoopy on it. haha.

  17. Emily, Resplendent TranquilityFebruary 18, 2011

    Lovely, lovely outfit! The colors are perfect together - so warm and cheery :)