Friday, January 14

Those hills..

I couldn't resist a photo with this green guy by the riverside :)

The Mirabell Gardens were always fun during school visits to the city. The labyrinth is not so exciting once you're grown up but the gardens are always worth a visit and if you're so inclined you can take a few cents for the wishing fountain :)

Wiki says the Mirabell Palace was a location for The Sound of Music, but guys I've got to go intensely Austrian on you here: Very few of my countrymen have seen that film. There seems to be a certain stubbornness about remaining oblivious about that musical but then we're a stubborn people. ;)

St. Peter's is one of my favourite places in Salzburg and you're going to see a little more of it in another post. Don't forget to stop by the water powered mill/bakery when you visit the famous cemetery and church. Those monks bake wicked beer bread but you can't beat a little loaf of warm milkbread on a cold winter day.

You'll find the majority of city churches accessible during the day. Just try the door :)

One of the graves at the Bendecitine convent on Nonnberg. The city is surrounded by stout little mountains and each one comes with its own religious institution ;)

Wiki says your favourite nun, that infamous Maria, was a teacher at the abbey school. The hills.. hehe.. When you visit Salzburg you should definitely take a walk up at least one of those hills. They all offer lovely views of the city.

You can't see an awful lot of it but here I am at the Pferdeschwemme in Salzburg. It 's a place where horses were washed after the days work. Built in the 17th century the fresco was painted by Josef Ebner. There is also a statue but I'd recommend summer for a proper look ;)

Check out my big red nose! I was Rudolph the runny nosed reindeer over Christmas :D

Hat: ex Mom's
Cardi: ex Mom's
Scarf: ex Mom's
Belt: ex Mom's
Skirt: Etsy (Vintage)
Boots: Present


  1. Such a present to get up to in the morning...
    What a pleasure to wander in Salzburg through your eyes.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Okay, this post just sent me on a tailspin of researching Maria Von Trapp. Apparently they have a lodge and some of the children are still alive!

  3. I used to watch The Sound of Music at least seven or eight times a year when I was a kid. I was obsessed with the outfits she made out of the curtains and the singing of course. Maybe you should give it a try (I wont tell)...

    This skirt is so perfect on you, by the way...

  4. ahh..i want to go to the Mirabell Gardens!
    how wonderful..
    my husband HATES the sound of that is why i always make him watch it with me when its on tv..
    how can you hate a movie with Julie Andrews in it!?!
    you are beautiful and that hat is amazing!!!
    have a wonderful weekend love and stay warm!

  5. Goodness I'd love to go there. How beautiful!
    Your skirt is amazing by the way.

  6. Lovely skirt. I've never seen the Sound of Music!

  7. I just love that sweater and scarf together- they look like a pair made in heaven! You are beautiful.

  8. These are all such beautiful photos. I relish the vicarious traveling I get to do by way of blogger friends.

    Photo #2 is especially nice. In the USA, graffiti like this is often found on the sides of boxcars on a train. It's like a rolling gallery and I often wish that I could snap a photo next to them.

  9. Cute outfit, the longer skirt looks so warm. I think I need to invest in some!


  10. beautiful pictures! the first is very similar to american graffiti, we have that all over the place.

  11. Sigh, these are such lovely shots and I have to admit, I love the movie...I may or may not have been on the tour twice....Yes, I am a nerd :)

  12. This sounds like a great place to explore, and I appreciate that your countrymen aren't fans of The Sounds of Mucus. Also intrigued that you guys also seem to have a black virgin (the Catalans are obsessed with theirs, having no religious knowledge I don't know what it signifies).

    Meh, colds....

  13. I love how you prefaced an extremely gorgeous, historical location post with green guy graffiti. :) Never know what to expect with you. And I think your beret and skirt were made for each other!

  14. you look too cute !!!

    stop by sometime<3

  15. Can I tell you, The Sound of Music is my absolute favorite movie!! I watched it nonstop as a kid and can nearly quote along with it..haha. Anyways, these photos are quite gorgeous and I would just die to visit beautiful:) I am loving your skirt and how you paired the hunter green cardi with that baby blue original and lovely.

  16. you look adorable! i love that belt.

    austria looks beautiful. what a lovely place to spend time during the holidays!

    love your blog. :)

  17. No joke, The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies ever (I'd say top 5) I'd be geeking out if I ever visited here (and singing all the songs of course!)


  18. Love that belt - it is so classic.

    Green guy was such a funny intrusion into your normally quiet and classic shots. He's great!


  19. Salzburg has been on my list of European cities to visit for ages. I love reading the special bits of insider knowledge that bloggers share about their cities, especially when it concerns baked goods ;) Do you miss living in Salzburg or do you visit often enough to get your fill?

    You swiped some terrific items! Hehe. The cardigan looks so good belted over your skirt.