Saturday, January 8

The Virgin Suicides

Today I have some stills from the 1999 film for you but when it comes to the Lisbon girls it is the book not the film that is edged into my brain. That is not to put the film adaptation down, it is just that the book is so vivid in my mind the film pales by comparison.

I read it the summer after Sixth Form. Dog days spent listening to Death in Vegas | Dead Elvis over and over and over again, the lingering smell of stale popcorn in my nose. I wasn't a teenager anymore. Barely and adult I still felt like a stranger in the world (and a stranger to myself) but I was starting to find my feet.

I'll always see Cecilia's gown not as a cut off wedding dress at all but as my floaty old semi translucent empire waist that awkward teenage me had worn until it fell to pieces. Lux is on the roof again and I am sitting on the windowsill reading at last light, some musical notes drifting up to me courtesy of the neighbour's piano lesson and closer, at the edge of consciousness: All That Glitters is Not Gold.

That summer, the music, the book, the smells of the old house on Glisson, the smell of the Lisbon house, they all intertwined. Inseparable in my mind I can't recall one without being reminded of the other.

Yes, yes. It 's one of my favourite books. Why did I not just say that and spare you the drivel? Why, where would the fun be in that? ;)


  1. I haven´t seen the film or read the book, but if it moves you so much, ther must be something in it, so I am going to try and see it.
    Any news about photoshop????
    Un abrazo fuerte.

  2. That movie was so good but so sad!!!!!!

  3. I much preferred the book to the movie myself... though it's a long time since I've seen/read either.

  4. The book is much richer than the movie, agreed! The film adaptation is pretty good, but the book is so dreamy even though it's sort of tragic and purposefully "bland" at the same time.

    It always felt strange to me to enjoy such a depressing book so much, but it is wonderfully imagined and written. Thanks for the lovely post!

  5. It seems interesting I'm going to search for the book at the library =)

  6. Oh, I need to watch the film again. Have you read Eugenides MiddleSex?

  7. You write beautifully, and I love that film!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. I haven't heard of this! I'll have to look it up. The photos look interesting. :)

    just so you know, i awarded you the versatile blogger award. come see. hehe.


  9. I haven't seen the movie or read the book, but I've always wanted to and I think I'd better get to it now...beautiful stills.

  10. i love this movie so much too! i've really been wanting to rewatch it and i think you've inspired me to do so!

  11. i adore this post. the virgin suicides is my favorite book and one of my favorite movies. and you've written about it beautifully. i might just have to reread it for the millionth time now :)