Friday, January 28


Last weekend the weather was dreadful but for the first time ever I swallowed my fears of wrecking my precious camera in the rain and ventured out anyway. My blue coat is not in any of these shots because my camera was wearing it for the shoot :) Turns out when I turn up the collar like my camera is James Dean the lens is covered but not obscured and my Precious remains bone dry. Epic win!

I took the photo above the clouds on our way home from Austria. It was a rather dreary day too.

So I am no Boney M fan or anything but wearing this brilliant hat I do feel a little bit like singing that old chestnut or rolling my Rrrrrs like a faux-Rrrrussian film villain. (I also put on a fake German accent sometimes although really I got the genuine article. You vill laugh at my jokes! Yeeees?)

For the record, I originally wore this earlier in the week with white tights and the super cozy boots I got in Austria but when I put it back on for the photos I felt a little more colourful :) So in true slob fashion I wore the outfit again all Saturday long with extra pinkness added.

Hat & scarf: ex Mom's
Dress: Tara Starlet
Cardi: Charity shop (yay!)
Shoes: some bargain bin years ago


  1. I adore your flowery, fantastic dress. it is sooooooooooo beautiful.
    I have just realised how much I have to learn from your photographic skills. You are a genius.

  2. snug as a bug in a rug... or cable knit cardi?

    I love the light floral dress - sneaking a bit of spring in there!

  3. I sure hope wearing an outfit twice in one week doesn't qualify a person as a slob. Sometimes I wear the same one three days in a row! Also, I would definitely laugh at your German accented jokes, real or fake. ; )

    Good for you for playing for the colour team! I never get heart attacks from your combinations, and blogworld would be a much duller place without them.

  4. Oh, and I realllly like that dress. It makes me think of a 1940s tea-dance attending lady who sneakily sips whisky on her front steps before the air-raid siren starts. ; D

  5. Love the hat and the sweater combo! And the subtle moving picture looks like something out of a music video. You always use color so well.

  6. Can I tell you how jealous I am of that cardigan? SOOOO jealous. I have been to a million thrift shops this winter in search of something like were right to brave the elements for this outfit!

  7. i adore the shades in this outfit.


  8. Yep, I love this outfit to bits. The colors... oh the colors! Why are accents so much fun? My grandmother and I have the tendency to talk to each other in a variety of accents on a daily basis. We're an odd pair ;)

  9. This is probably my fav outfit of yours, the colours are just magical. They are so spring-like and yet look so cosy in winter. I adore your hat!

  10. i adore your dress and that hat. so darling and unique! have a lovely weekend. :)


  11. It's a gorgeous dress. I was admiring the print of it even before I saw the .gif. As for the hat, it is too light-colored to be Rasputin-like. :)

  12. That hat is quite brilliant. I adore it on you. All the purples together in your outfit look lovely. There is something very enchanting about it. The last photo is truly magical.

  13. sssssssooo lovely, that dress is so feminine and soft.

  14. I love the extra pinkiness! And nice adorable hat btw!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  15. Oh man oh man, the floral with the cable knit is so nice!! Totally reminds me of the costuming in The Edge of Love (the movie was pretty whatever but the clothes were so dreamy!) :)


  16. man Rasputin was a very scary man. You look gorgeous and unscary though. Thankfully!! I'd love to hear your German accent.

  17. Hi Stef, Vicky here!
    I love that dress from Tara Starlet and am still trying to decide between the pink one and the yellow one...maybe if I get the yellow one we can do a silly photo session of them both :-)

  18. Hi Vicky

    Hope you had a merry Christmas and happy start to the new year :)
    A double photo shoot sounds most excellent. I'll get myself back on facebook and finally get in contact. January has just flown by..

    Tara Starlet got some new prints out too - the same dress in plain dye with embroidered pockets. Tempting.

  19. haha! i always feel like russian royalty when i wear fur on my head. you look beautiful! glad your camera survived out in the rain.

    tick tock vintage

  20. Adorable! I'm jealous of your photo/moving skills!

  21. I love this look! It is so precious. The colors are ready for the Spring. xoxo

  22. What a lovely outfit! That dress is so beautifu, and I love the pink tights with it!

    I love your pictures, and especially the GIF image! I must do one of those some day!

    ~ Katie