Thursday, January 20

In the Mountain

Maximushöhle (3rd century) - ceramic plate from 1860

In the cemetary

In the Maximushöhle

In the Maximus Höhle - circa 1860

Told you you'd see some more of St. Peter's ;)
After you've had some of their bread and walked through the cemetary you should also check out the catacombs at St. Peter's or more accurately: The cave churches. See those windows in the cliff face?

In the Gertraudiskapelle (Gertraudis chapel) consecrated in 1178

Hat: trad. Ischler hat (ex Mom's)
Scarf: ex Mom's
Dirndl: Present (H. Moser outlet)
Cardi: Present (Lanamoden Salzburg)
Boots: Present Oh my, I am such a spoiled brat! :D

Source of dates: Maximushöhle - The "catacombs" of Salzburg


  1. You are fantastic my frien. it is such a pleasure to visit these places through you.
    Lovely pics.

  2. Ah, you're not that spoilt! It's pretty customary to wear all of your Christmas finery together immediately after Christmas. ; ) I'm really loving the ex-mom sweater, among other things, and I like the recent group of colour schemed outfits.

    Also, I reallly want to visit those cliff-carved churches. I always imagined I would live in a cave and meet a depth-dwelling dragon when I was a kid, and I imagine in could happen around there. : D

  3. Beautiful cardigan! And Thanks for taking the time to travel to these lovely places..its probably the only way I'll get to see them!

  4. Thank you so much for showing more of that area!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. I want to go there so badly now.

  5. REMARKABLE. The second to last picture is especially mesmerizing. And I agree that that cardigan is so charming!

  6. ok you officially have the coolest location shots--i am going to have to see some of these places when i get around to traveling the world again :)

    also, i love the many dimensions of this outfit--there is so much awesomeness going on here!

  7. sooooo amazing.
    i am jealous of your amazing traveling!!
    it looks so beautiful there AND you look so beautiful!!!
    i love all the blue..the color looks lovely on you!

  8. Oh my gosh I want to see these! This looks amazing! I'm so so jealous! You look gorgeous. The patterns are stunning on you!

  9. really struck by your outfit, it has a very 19th cent. American "frontier" sense to it, something I"m really into. the fringed scarf pulls it all together for me.
    can't believe your exciting architectural excursions!

  10. What an amazing place! So interesting to see and of course you look brilliant. Your cardigan is particularly fetching ^U^

  11. love your cardigan! those embroidered flowers are so pretty.

  12. what an AMAZING location!
    and i'm in love with your cardigan and hat. you look beautiful.

    have a lovely weekend!

  13. I like the blue dirndl even better than the gold. Adding the cave churches to a list of places to see...someday.

  14. WOW! what an amazing outfit! i just love the combination of the fringed scarf, embroidered cardigan and quirky glasses! =)

  15. What an amazing location! And I love how your outfit seems to seamlessly blend in with your surroundings - I especially love the cardigan.
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I love Sally Mann's work! I saw an exhibitin of her photos in London, and subsequently spent a large chunk of one of my art GCSE projects studying her work..

  16. whatttt this is so cool! Cave churches? Super super old cemeteries? I'm there (in spirit)! and I dig the little embroidered cardigan :)


  17. You look gorgeous in blue and green! Gorgeous, I tell you! :)

    Cave churches?! I'd love to explore them someday.

  18. Another Dirndl post! Yay! These shots are just lovely :)