Saturday, January 22

Easy on the parentheses (not)

I couldn't resist another set of headlight images with my Dad's assistance. (Check out last years here)

If When we get a car I'll go nuts on nighttime shoots I tell you. I didn't get the lighting quite right this time but blue hour shoots are still such a novelty to me I get all excited and end up making rookie errors (should have taken more lights to get some more clean areas as counterpoints for the strong cyan cast.. are you still reading this? Really? Made you yawn though, right?). Where was I? Oh, yes-
If When we get our own ride I must invest in a generator so I can do crazy twilight shoots in the woods with my portable studio kit. That poor kit has been sorely neglected since we moved into our shoe box home. There simply is no space to set up anywhere in our place (why, you couldn't swing a cat or any critter at all for that matter) and there simply is no point getting a generator for outdoor shoots when your only means of transport is a rusty push bike or your own two feet.

My, what a tirade. Move along now, no fanatic to see here..

So, are you bored with the Mirabell palace yet? It houses the magistrate so you can loiter in the hallway and take silly pictures on the staircase or you can be all official and get hitched here (well, in the halls, not in the hallway!)

Happy weekend you all! :)

Scarf: perma-borrowed from Mom ;)
V-neck sweater: Mom's
Dress: Lipstick Vogue
Skirt: H&M some years ago
Boots: Present


  1. Your photos, and your passion for making them better and better are inspiring me to make a move.
    A friend of mine, as I told you I think, is getting photoshop for me..., so I will be picking your brain for some advice.
    Un abrazo my friend.

  2. The night shots look great, even if I have no idea what the stuff in brackets meant!

  3. These pictures are beautiful, the photos in the headlights are such a great idea!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Actually, I quite enjoy your camera geekings... I'm just glad I've learned enough about photography in the last year to know what cyan means! ; )

    Another thing I really like is the recent run of scarves in all your posts. If I were around, I would perma-borrow quite a few of them!

  5. Love your scarf...tell your mom she picked a good one! Your pictures are always so fun...

  6. Cute skirt! I love the little detail popping out underneath.

  7. I've been wanting to take photos in headlights for quite some time now. And not just outfit photos, but film photography still-lifes as well. I very much enjoyed these and the ones you linked back to.

  8. i will never get tired of this palatial backdrop. please continue taking pictures there, it's gorgeous!

  9. what a great idea for a photo spot! I like that they are bluish, its mystical looking. i love your skirt :)

  10. Stef--don't quite understand all the technicalities of photography...but I do recognize lovely photos when I see them and the last three at the palace are quite so.

  11. The headlight shots are just great and how awesome is your dad for helping you out? I doubt my Dad would! (he would just make fun of me :) )

  12. I can't believe you covet my little mossy wall as a location when you shoot in freaking PALACES. We're just going to have to Freaky Friday it for a day or something :)

    Loved your tirade - got to try a headlight shoot!

  13. I loved these photos. I am not photography literate enough to understand your tirade but I loved these photos and whatever you did to make them is fantastic.

    BTW the pleats in your skirt in the post where you're skiing is really pretty. It's a bit random but I kept scrolling up to look at it. :)


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  14. the second to last photo is splendid!! I love your skirt so much.