Wednesday, January 12

Crunching underfoot

On St. Stephen's Day the other half and I went for a walk through the snow :) As we made our way up a local "mountain" (one of the hill variety, I come from the flattest district of Salzburg) we saw some kids sledding. They attached their rides to the tailpipe of a car, the patient driver dragging them up the mountain over and over. Childhood memories right there. My partner in crime next doors and the other kids in the hamlet were always up for a lift up the hill, especially when we got to sit in our sleds on the way up too :) So much for health and safety :P

Hat, scarf, cardi & belt: Mom's (now mine)
Coat: Mom's
Skirt: H&M some years ago
Leg warmers: DIY (on the 26 hour bus odyssey)
Boots: Present


  1. I've always wanted to find a situation where where I could be dragged up a hill on my toboggan.. looks like the Austrian kids have it sussed.

    I saw you made a tutorial on duplicating yourself by the way. Am waiting until my last essay is finished to go there, but go there I will!

  2. I love everyone of your fantastic photos, and touch of orange in the scarf brings the whole outfit to life.
    Have you found out how I can get photoshop????
    MIl besos my dear friend.

  3. I love the way your scarf just pops out of these pictures and the leg warmers are soooo Cool!!

  4. I really love these photos!

  5. Than you a lot for your time. I have a very close friend near home who is finding out for me.
    You are a treasure.
    Mil besos.

  6. that third photo with the tree out there in the snow. I LOVE IT. Also that scarf is so pretty and goodness you look adorable. Love the leg warmers.

  7. whoops, I meant the 4th photo. I can't count too well.

  8. i love your tights and shoes!! and these wintery pics make me so happy, especially that sunny one (:

  9. My favorite thing is the leg warmers! So cozy! And the word hamlet made me giggle - you're so European ;)

  10. I adore your photomontages! And these pics just feel so fresh and crisp - you can almost feel the cold air through them :)

  11. And what is your twin sister's name?

  12. twin. ;)

    These photos are gorgeous--- I love the first one! You just pop out like a gal on a postcard.

  13. the photos are beautiful...


  14. Re; your comment: I didn't even mention that my bike is now gearless too. Just shows what wimps society has become, it's a trifle annoying but perfectly possible to get around on! ; )

  15. The first photo is so cute! It's snowing a lot here but surprisingly, I haven't taken any snow shots yet!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  16. First off, the color combos of your outfit have got me jazzed. I really like the orange with the paler green, totally unexpected but it works! Still have never been sledding but I swear one of these days i'll do it! In southern california a popular thing to do is go ice blocking which is just grabbing a huge block of ice from the grocery store and finding the nearest hill. Slap a towel on the block and ride down a hill...its sort of close to sledding? ;)


  17. Wow. We always had to walk back up hills for more sledding. Those subsequent runs weren't as fun when you were half dead with burning lungs ;)

    Lovely ensemble. The colors, as usual, are fantastic.