Saturday, December 25

Red Nosed

Did you notice? It 's pretty tiny but right to the left of my face someone 's edged "I wuz ere" into the vestry wall. Well, I wuz 'ere too and I got me some photos to proof it!

Merry Christmas you all! Time to stuff our faces and rip open those presents :)

That is, amongst other in Europe, Austrians get to rip open their presents on Christmas eve. Maybe Father Christmas & Santa are just a tad slower than the Christkind/Christchild who brings the presents in Austria (think a golden haired, winged child with halo and all who flies in and rings a magic bell once all presents are in place so you know it 's time to congregate under the tree :)

Hope you've all been good :P
Happy holidays!

Sweater: Found in a bin years ago (no, I don't habitually rifle through rubbish)
Skirt: Market (Amsterdam)
Boots: Corral
Earmuffs: Accessorize


  1. We had already opened our presents last night by the fireplace. Wow wonderful!!!
    I love your mix red patters: flowers and polkadots with those fabulous boots.
    merry Cxmas my friend.

  2. Aw you look perfect for Christmas dear. I love the red sweater:) We have our huge feast Christmas Eve and open some presents and then our Christmas breakfast and open the rest in the morning. Hope your Christmas is lovely!!

  3. Hahaha that's funny. That person needs to learn their spelling and grammar!

    Hope you have a great Christmas friend : )

  4. Ah, delightful Christmas outfit! And as usual you gave me a giggle. I think both Santa Claus and the Christ Child are faster than whoever's responsible in Spain... we have to wait until January 6th. Pfff

  5. you look adorable! I love your sweater and the reindeer antlers!

  6. I have a hot water bottle cover that looks just like that except it has an "M" monogram instead of heart.
    Happy Christmas!

  7. cute outfit, I like your earmuffs so much

  8. I really love your ear muffs especially!! Great outfit!

  9. Such a cute look and my favorite are your boots!!

  10. "I wuz ere" Haha, I love it!

    One man's trash is another man's treasure, right? ;) I'd go digging through a rubbish bin if I caught a glimpse of this sweater, too! I love how flawlessly you mixed the reds and patterns here.

    I always like to read about the different Christmas traditions around the world. I'm all for Christkind and getting my presents on Christmas Eve. Hehe. Merry Christmas!

  11. Your antlers are very stylish.

  12. Lovely, lovely wintery redness! And hearts! So adorable :)

    Hope your Christmas was truly spectacular!

  13. I want that waterbottle cover. The whole outfit, really. So cute! Have a happy new year!