Wednesday, December 1

Poke that beehive

Worker bees can leave. Even drones can fly away. The Queen is their slave."
haiku from Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

When I came across this sweet dress the novelty print alone had me smitten but the bodice is lovely too. You'll have to take my word for it, I won't be able to show you until well into spring. It was an entirely unseasonal purchase but this dress has been around a good while longer than me so I am sure it can wait in the wings another few months until I take it for a proper outing. Somehow I feel wearing it as a skirt doesn't count. :D

I took these pics on Monday. It snowed a little more in the morning and while there are still quite a few cyclists on the road I don't trust my rusty ride in this weather. Not that there is a lot of snow but thanks to changing temperatures just above and below freezing there is never a shortage of black ice in these parts.

Anyway, I wouldn't feel safe cycling on roads jam packed with cars on summer tires. (That 's right. Summer tires.) They all slide through the mush, walking speed mayhem, like some demented ballet performance.

Last January sleet turned to ice with a new layer added daily for a good two weeks until finally I found myself edging my way back from the corner shop, ice rink nothing against it. I seriously considered crawling home.

The cold snap chaos isn't helped by the fact that many are scared to clear the snow from pavements and pathways. Since I moved here I've been told over and over that it 's illegal and to do so would leave me liable for passerby's broken limbs. Well, the husband informed me today: This ridiculous guidance is a myth. Brits rejoice, you have the right to shovel!

Well, I'll be a pedestrian while this winter wonderland lasts thank you very much. Who knows, maybe we'll have a white Christmas :)

Beret: Accessorize (last year)
Bow: H&M
Scarf: originally Mom's
Dress: Etsy
Sweater: Etsy
Cardi: Superstore
Brooch: Present
Shoes: Clarks last year
Coat: Superstore


  1. great pictures.
    i love your winter style.
    it must be fun going out in the snow:)

  2. The print is so nice, I love it!! Summer dresses look so nice in the snow.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Okay seriously, every time I visit your blog you have an even BETTER outfit on. I'm not sure how you do it but I'm taking notes!

    & Good luck with the shoveling! :P

  4. Super cute in blue again. This outfit looks so nice against the snow, too. Happy shoveling!

  5. Perfect assembly of colours as usual!

    I'm pretty sure I saw a video on youtube from last year of some British people crawling across a road because it was so icy. While I have been there myself, I think my whole family watched it three times and nearly died laughing anyway. ; )

  6. oh my gosh, i love every little detail! you look totally adorable, and the mash-up of blues is divine.

    i still have my winter tires on from last year... they were on my car all summer, and now they are totally bald. so that's worse than just having summer tires... i'm terrible!

  7. You look adorable. I'm jealous of the snow you've got.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  8. Hi! you won the Poison Oak Giveaway on my blog! if you can email me to confirm you received this message, I'll pass along your info to Poison Oak so you can choose your dress! Congratulations! my email: jkoboyle(a)

    This is such a pretty outfit, I love all the blues and the pattern is beautiful!

  9. You look so lovely!


  10. That dress is too adorable.
    Love the pattern. & You look very pretty. ♥

  11. Wow. That skirt is WOW. The print + cut is just to die for! And I loooooove your cool blues today in the snow!

  12. sounds like they are looking for excuses not to shovel. You might start thinking about what a pretty girl wears to crawl though...:)

  13. I've made it official. I want all your clothes. HAHAHAHA. but I'll resist. ;)

    This is probably my favourite of your outfits ever. Honestly! Gorgeous as can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. what an adorable outfit! i love your style :D

  15. I wouldn't be too sure about me being wider than you. I'm tall, and taller girls usually have wider waistlines than shorter girls. . although maybe you're tall too! I don't know! hehe. I'm a 26 inch waist if that helps and a 33 bust. I'm always up for swapping clothes if others are up for it.

  16. No. I have a little boy figure other than the fact that I have quite the pair of hips. :( if that is what they look for in models then they have major issues. A lot of models look so sickly to me.

    It is nice to know there is another blogger who is 5'9"!!! yey! Your figure is really wonderful, I think. I could fit in 28" stuff and 34" busted stuff. I think I do have a few dresses in those measurements even, but I haven't worn them in over a year (I had lost a lot of weight this past year since I was done having babies and done nursing. . which gave me 36DD for a while. . then SHRIIIINK back to normal annoying 33A!). I have a few that are 36" bust which is too big for you even :(
    Do you have a hard time finding clothes in your size?? I have a really difficult time. It seems like most vintage figures had large breasts.

  17. Black ice is the worst. Be safe this winter. Oh, and that shovel myth is too funny. How else can you function if you don't shovel the snow away? Crawl, I suppose ;) I know big snow storms aren't the norm in Britain, but is there any readiness for it at all? Salt or sand to coat the icy walkways with just in case?

    This array of blues and greens is gorgeous! I can't wait until you debut the rest of this dress. The novelty bee print is so sweet.

  18. Lovely colours and print! It's snowing here too... and it's so cold! In Belgium, we have to shovel the snow in front of our houses on the pavements, because when someone trips over, they can sue the owner of the house. I think I'll know what to do tomorrow... shovelling snow! ;)

  19. You look so sweet! I love all the blue tones worn together; it's such a pretty color combination.
    That shovel myth is wild!

  20. aw the blue layering is so cute, i love all the different shades that have been put together

  21. i just saw on a comment that you're 5'9"!! so am i! that's so awesome! tall people yay!

    also i love alll the different blues and i love novelty prints!
    especially anything to do with bees.

  22. I Adore all the blues and greens here - you really know how to put an outfit together so creatively. Again, I love all your pieces - the hat, scarf, dress, leg warmers, tights - all divine. I would seriously just love to raid your closet:) You are right out of a storybook darling.

    xx Marisa

  23. you work so creatively with color! I love the blue and green tones in this ensemble, and are those little ankle warmers? Too cute!

    I'm a huge fan of Chuck P- my husband and I even met him at a book signing a few years ago! He's so charming, and Fight Club is one that I could read over and over.