Tuesday, November 23

Purls aren't this girls best friend

I am going to make a full length set of leg warmers but I didn't have a whole lot of fuzzy blue left, so I figured something spats-esque would have to do for now.
I tried a simple knit one purl one pattern but after a few rows I stopped to check my handiwork and it looked like something a nursery school kid would knock out. So yeah, back to basics thank you very much. I am not giving up but it 's cold out there so for now I'll go for plain stitches I can do without even looking (I watched a few episodes of The Event and The Walking Dead while making my cowls - great fun! Go watch them right now if you like sci-fi-ish conspiracy or braaaaains!)

Here you see me prancing around St. Andrews Church which has been stood in this spot for over 700 years. That said after lots of rebuilding over the centuries there is precious little left of the original structure :). I was heading for a location further afield but at +2°C/35°F I decided St. Andrew's was the bees knees as long as it meant I could get home and have a hot cup of coffee a little quicker.

I'd earmarked the location a while back but having grown up in a hamlet where the elderly, choleric priest thought all fun was sacrilege (I vaguely recall some hubbub about his slapping a child for sneezing in church) I'd been a little worried I might anger the local clergy. I forget the English are a lot more relaxed about these things. It would appear I got away with it :D

Kerchief worn as headband: TieRack
Coat: Superstore
Cowl & spats: DIY
Cardigan: Superstore last year
Top: Ancient. Camden market(?)
Skirt: H&M years ago with added patch
Shoes: Clarks last year


  1. Love this outfit! So colourful and different! :)

  2. I think they look nice shorter!! I love the blue tights and coat too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. I don't know how you are able to put your outfits together, but I think you are really skilled at it. I love the church in these shots. It is gorgeous too.

  4. I've really been meaning to knit together a pair of legwarmers.
    This outfit is great! The colors are stunning in the photographs.

  5. i love the blue.
    i am so impressed by your knitting skills.
    i have wished to learn how to knit for forever..!!
    i always love the setting of your photos. they are so lovely.
    you look beautiful as always.

  6. I just love how you put colors together!


  7. i love this, and i actually think i like the look of your stumpy leg warmers better than the usual long ones! happy accidents :)

  8. I love your blue outfit - your coat is such a gorgeous colour and those leg warmers are so cute! Brrr, almost makes me glad for winter!

  9. love all the hues of blue in here! the spat leg warmers are super adorable!


  10. i love the colors in this outfit! i'm so jealous that you know how to knit, i want to learn so badly!

  11. aw at least you can knit! i can only crochet two basic stitches. wah wah sadface

  12. I love your spat-esque leg warmers! They look great :)

    Lovely assemblage of colors and textures in this outfit.

  13. I like the short ankle-warmers! Cute!

    I wish it would get a little bit chillier here...I'm jealous of your many layers!


  14. I didn't realize sneezing was fun! Your priest was hard-core! And I love the riot of blues in that first picture. I always find blue a bit cold looking, but not here!

  15. Love that royal blue coat. Stunning, and the shape of the coat is ultra feminine.

  16. the colors here are just brilliant! fantastic photos too. :)

  17. Loving your spats! So, so cute ^U^

  18. This has to be one of your best combination ever. You perfectly managed to match the various pieces in the same color family without being matchy matchy.

    The result to so pleasing to the eye. :)


    Love from Toronto, Canada

  19. You are darling! There are so many fun textures happening here. I think I like the idea of knitted spats more then traditional legwarmers!

    xo, MOUSEVOX

  20. This outfit is AMAZING!!!!



    heart: Kimberellie

  21. I don't know what I love more, that gorgeous blue coat or the fact that you made those leg warmers! I wish it would get cooler in FL so I can break out some layers!

  22. gooorgeous outfit! love the colour combo!