Saturday, November 6

My First Mummies

Meet my newest accessory: Mummy Scissors. If you haven't made yourself a pair yet, head on over to Roz's blog and find out more.

My pair of Mummies are made from the fluffy wool I used for my 2nd cowl. As soon as I started wrapping this pair of scissors I decided it was imperative I use a single thread of of wool. No knotting off, no cutting along the way. Endless mummification! Even the necklace part is made form the same piece.

Just recently I have become very aware that in the past I have hidden my lazy eye wherever possible in my posts. When I first started blogging my eyes were always downcast, after a while I loosened up a bit and was happy to show the odd sideways glance, somewhat askew but not entirely cock eyed. Well, after deleting hundreds and hundreds of lazy eyed portraits to find the few image I looked reasonably aligned in I finally tired of the charade a few weeks ago. Blogging is a great tool for self acceptance LOL I am a wall eyed girl and I really have to stop worrying about letting you guys see that. My, how those eyes of mine wander (literally not metaphorically) ;)

I had come to this conclusion a while back but you know how it is: Knowing something should be done doesn't necessarily mean you'll do it. When Roz opened up about her sever spine issues it sort of rode home my cross eyed deception to me. Roz takes beautiful images and her style is impeccable, you'd never have guessed all the while her bent spine was pushing her shoulders out of sync. So anyway, I figured there is no merit in trying to hide my silly eyes. (Doesn't mean I am not going to edit out at least a few of them though. I'm still vein you guys!)

Actually my other half also has a lazy eye. He jokes that we have two good eyes between us :) His is usually in the same position, while mine will appear perfectly aligned for a few moments and then sneakily drifts off into a corner :D

Enough of my cross eyed gaze, aren't my mummy's scissors great? I am going to make another pair soon. I was thinking Paper scissors, no stone. :) Papier mache here I come!

Dress: Lipstick Vogue
Sweater: Superstore
Necklace: DIY Mummy's Scissors
Coat: Superstore
Cowl: DIY
Kilties: Office


  1. So cute!!!


  2. oh i like the scissors a lot!
    also glad to see you embracing yourself! it's awesome!
    in my blog, i'm not the skinniest girl in the world, my photos probably hide even more, but i'm trying to accept myself.

    yay happy blogs!

  3. Just found your blog...its super cute...and your outfit is fab!! Love the layering:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
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  4. Oh wow! Those scissors are one of the cutest things I've seen in a while. I'm a huge fan!!

    send some my way ;)

    hope to hear from you~

  5. Wow I loved your openess an insight. Being happy with the way we look is a hard thing to come to terms with. Most of the photos from my teens and early 20's I have hair in my face or a hand obscuring my face. But now I am in my (cough, cough) mid-thirties and now have a daughter I have somehow come to terms with the way I look and the way I see myself.

    Oh and I love your scissor necklace, we should mummify everything in wool! Love the 4th photo.

  6. awwww!!! the necklace is sooo cutee!!

  7. Oh wow I love your outfit, it's very Edge of Love with the way you've paired that jumper with the floral dress!
    I love Roz's blog too, I'm going to make one of these in pink soon as I can find some material to use :D

  8. Ah, the scissors necklace is so cute! x

  9. i love your mummy scissors! They are lovely, and I really love how Roz inspired you to embrace your flaws. I follow her as well, and I truly respect her

  10. I love what you did with your scissors - I have to get onto doing some of my own!

    Also - I have crooked eyes too - and when I first discovered your blog I was really excited to see the interesting ways you worked leaves etc. into your photos, but also that you posted photos that showed them as they are.

    I often struggle with my eyes - they are sometimes strait, but sometimes crooked - I don't have a lot of control over it. I avoid posting photos when they're obviously crooked - but maybe I need to take your example and embrace the moments when my eyes don't do exactly what I had intended.

  11. Oh, the scissors and wonderful..
    and i'm all about a gal embracing herself, especially about things she is may have been uneasy about! You are woman to be admired, for your beauty as well as confidence!

  12. so creative love this idea! nice blog :D

  13. One of my best friends is a bit cross eyed and gets a little self conscious when she gets her picture taken--I think it's awesome that you are being real and posting these photos, I think you look lovely :)


  14. love the scissors necklace!

  15. One of my best friends had a lazy eye too. She had since she was a baby and her baby pictures are the cutest things ever. Lazy eye or not, your mummy scissors and the matching scarf are really great together. The mummy scissors are definitely a conversation starter. My workmates would get in trouble with it when out for drinks :)

  16. Cute idea, love the mummy scissors!


  17. This is a lovely outfit as usual, with the many woolen contributions.

    I think we all try to post the best pictures of ourselves, that disguise whatever we may not be happy about. But sometimes you do have to let go. Well done on reaching this decision! One thing I like about blogging is that it's a way for normal people (not glamourpuss models) to show how stylish they are, and you definitely brighten up the blogosphere. : )

  18. oh, i love your scissors. and how you styled it with the sweater and that pretty dress. i have just discovered your blog from Roz's blog.
    very lovely!

  19. I had thought looking back at the posts I remembered you making in the past if you were trying to hide your eyes. I think it is amazing that you are showing them more rather than masking yourself. You are beautiful!!
    I always love your clothes.

  20. Lazy eye or not, you post some of the prettiest and most happily authentic photos around! I agree that blogging is a great tool for growth and self acceptance. We all have those little inconsistencies we wish we could hide, but alas, they are what make us who we are! I admire you for opening up about how you feel. Keep on smiling, lovely girl!

    Side note: I love the collar and print of your dress. Pretty!