Friday, November 5

Long week, long weekend

Another looong week draws to a close and jackpot! because it is going to be a long weekend for me too. After finding last winter exceedingly hard to get through I hamstered away a few days of holiday to allow for some rest during the dark days. Since the clocks were turned back last week I've been cycling to work at dawn and returning home at dusk. Give it a few more weeks and I'll be seeing the sun rise and fall from my work station. It does leave me with an unshakable urge to hibernate but on the other hand I rarely get up early enough to see the sun rise in summer. And there is no denying how gobsmackingly beautiful that is :)

As for my awkward balancing act outfit (darn, was that platform slippery), I can't believe I am actually enjoying this jeans skirt lately.
Last winter I practically lived in it - unwillingly so (starch-mania had barred me from three quarters of my wardrobe leaving me only a couple of bits that would accomodate my confectionery belly). So far this year I am wearing my jeans out of choice. :) We'll see how things go after Christmas :D

I wasn't so sure about the rolled down knee highs at first but I got a few compliments about them and that put me into a very pro-roll down mood. I think I'll be layering my leg wear more often throughout the coming months :)

Blouse & skirt: H&M (years ago)
Sweater: H&M (recent!)
Compass locket: Etsy
Knee socks: No idea, I got them over ten years ago.
Heels: Office


  1. Layering is the way to go and the tights and the woolly socks look great together - you can't beat a denim skirt either.

    Do you have anything inside your locket?

  2. My you are gorgeous! Those shoes are incredible-- not sure how you even managed to climb up onto that thing though!

    Hope you're having a perfectly chilly November! :)

  3. That's an awesome look on you! :)

  4. awww loving the shoes :)

  5. Your shoes are so lovely. I've been eyeing a pair like that for myself, but not sure I can afford it!

  6. I do definitely see how it could probably be hard to balance on that! Love the shoes!