Saturday, November 13

Evil Clowns, Sweater Clips and fringed Loafers

My Mom sponsored my new loafers. I'd been lusting after these for ages. :) I've been wearing them all week - not only are they dead comfy they also go with anything and everything. The fringe detail is so cute it always cheers me up (although I am often tempted to smooth it down like the anal git I am!)

Yep. These sweater clips are new too. I've been wearing my other pair lots so I figured I deserved a bit of variety ;) When I saw this pair on Etsy I just couldn't resist. Shiny pink kitch to brighten my days ♥

I am obsessed with this here blog just lately. :) I used to post once or twice a week but just recently I've been getting into the swing of things. I guess after a year - or nearly two (!) of blogging (depends if you count the months I spent in hybernation) I finally got the hang of it.

I decided to post no more than three or four times a week because I don't want this to start feeling like a chore rather than the treat it is. Mind you, because I get all the pics ready on the weekend I'm quite tempted to just hit publish on a post a day instead. Hold your horses, Stef. Calm down now. There is such a thing as too many Diversions. ;)

Have a brilliant weekend everybody!

Hairband: Camden Market years ago
Blouse: Next via Choices
Skirt: H&M years ago
Belt: Mom's
Cardi: Primark
Sweater clips: Roseview Cottage on Etsy
Loafers: Office (present)


  1. I love your loafers, they're so nice!! And the colour of your outfit really suits you too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. I love when Moms sponsor clothing endeavors : ) It's simply the best. Hehe.
    I also get my post ready on the weekends, and it IS tempting to just publish them all but I have to learn to keep my cool, haha.

    Ps - I ADORE your style lady! I love that sweater and your headwrap. Just gorgeous.

  3. you look so cute!!! those loafers are adorable, especially love the fringing on them! xxx

  4. Those loafers are the tops! Does your mom sponsor lace-up boots for Texans?

  5. very lovely how you put this one together too!!!!!! I really love Peter Pan collars. I think I've said that too often.

  6. ah i love this outfit. and the shoes are amazing!

  7. It seems that you have quite the knack for finding the prettiest Peter Pan collar blouses!

    Sweet sweater clips. I love how well they compliment the pink pattern in your cardi. And, those are one fine pair of loafers. Yay for Moms!

  8. You have such a cute blog and I love your vintagey style. I love vintage clothes, but find them a little bit more of a challenge to find them in my size. Sweater clips are a one size fits all item, so I will have to be on the lookout.

  9. My mom is sponsoring a trip to UO for me-- my first time in the actual store! She feels bad that my entire wardrobe is Goodwill- hehe. :)

    And can I just take a moment to tell you how absolutely gorgeous you are? I swear, you've got the most gorgeous face.

    Can't wait to keeping reading more posts, love. Wishing you well!

  10. Your shoes are oh so lovely. I want brown loafers! I adore you and your pattern mixing- it's so creative :)

    Mommy shopping trips are the best- I miss my momma!

  11. Fringe! YES! I am in love with how you layer and use texture in your outfits-- it's marvelous! Seriously a skill.

  12. awesome headscarf! you remind me of a stylish and exotic gypsy fortuneteller! =)

  13. I have never heard of sweater clips and these are beautiful!

    Sorry that I took so long to respond to your comment on but, the ambulance is on the way to Honey Hill, up to St Edmund's College on Mount Pleasant.

    Great to see another who spent time at Cambridge! And, wow, at least YHA brought a great story for you :)

    Following you now

  14. Brown shoes, red tights - a great combination. Sweater clips, what a great invention: when you want your cardigan open but still secure, GENIUS!
    You look lovely as always ^U^

  15. goodness I love everything that you are wearing, everything!!! I really like how the pints of your blouse and sweater clash a tiny bit, so good! And yes, those loafers are dreamy :)


  16. Gaah! I love your sweater clips! And the collar on that blouse! You have been posting a lot lately, I will have to add you to Bloglovin to keep up!