Tuesday, November 2


I am no hoodie, I am a cowl ;)

Drum roll please: This is the first knitting project I have finished.. EVER. I am pretty pleased with the outcome of my chunky over sized cowl. Back in the eighties (it was acceptable..) yay high me used to have a much snugger one. Very cosy. I used to pretend at being a shaikh traveling a surprisingly snowy desert when I wore it.

I am also working on a light blue one to go with my other coat. It 's as basic as can be - I cast on 70 stitches on circular needles (no stitch left behind!) and kept on knitting round and round, tentatively sticking my head through the tube every once in a while as it got longer and longer. And that was that. ;)

Plentiful neck cowl

Mysterious murder in the abbey cowl - somehow cowls always remind me of crime dramas set in the middle ages (the abbot did it!). Sheesh I am pale..

Mumble Kenny cowl mumble mumble

It 's typical: I accomplish one simple task and immediately I am aiming for the great pie in the sky with cherry on top. I'd love to try my hand at a cable knit cardigan. That said, I am as yet pattern illiterate and lose count easily to boot. Yes, I know, I can't help but snigger at my unrealistic aims too. ;) But one day I'll do it!

Maybe a collar might be more attainable in the meantime though. I think I'll have to buy my cardis for a while yet.


  1. Oh I want one too! It looks so warm, perfect for icy winter days :).

  2. yay for first knitting projects! looks great!

  3. Love it :)))


  4. gorgeous! it looks great with your coat.

  5. congrats for finishing! it's really cute!

  6. I'm always cold. To me it could always be warmer. I absolutely love the cowl!
    Awesome work!

  7. You did a great job!! The colour looks lovely next to your coat as well, I love them both!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  8. oh my gosh! amazing! i don't know how to knit, but this is an amazing first project!

  9. It looks great and warm, love the colour.

    I know what you mean about ambitious knitting projects. I went to a day class at John Lewis to learn the basics of knitting and when I left I thought I was going to knit all these amazing things....yet another scarf was knitted. ^U^

  10. love the scarf! congrats on your project completion

  11. Wow, that is awesome!!
    Great work!
    I want one now :( Great fashion accessory, something different!



  12. WOW
    Lovely coat, i rember that i saw a similar one in MAx&Co and i wanted to buy it, but by mom sad no ;D

  13. oh my goodness you did a great job. Success!!! Congratulations on making it so perfectly! looks cozy!

  14. Oh, you are too funny! "Mysterious murder in the abbey cowl" and "Mumble Kenny cowl mumble mumble" I'm cracking up over here!

    All that aside, your cowl looks great! A true success of a first knitting project. I attempted a scarf some years back, but gave up on it. Perhaps one of these days I'll give knitting another go. It's such a rewarding hobby.