Thursday, November 25

Clear as mud

This was the first time I wore my newly acquired skirt :) There was already a pale blue skirt in my wardrobe but it never fit quite right so I decided I was eligible for a replacement. I wore the skirt again just a couple of days later and studying the photographic evidence I must say I prefer the second look. I figured I'd share this one first because otherwise I'll just palm these shots and never post them. It 's a nasty habit ehem *stands up* My name is Stef and I hide outfits from the blog.

In unrelated news I appear to have been successful at turning myself into Ned Flanders. I have used to have rather the swearing habit. Sailor nothing against it. Some of the words I used off hand are on the unacceptable side even here in England (I know, I know. Bring on the soap) In any case, all that is in the past and you can now call me Ned. :) I still supplement my swears but at least I am no longer bleep worthy.

RATS! ;)(Actually I did see one of those crossing the road the other day)

You guys over the ocean: Have a most excellent turkey day :)
I can't wait to show you the animal brooch I am wearing today (can you guess the animal? :D )

More of that another day..

Jacket: Topshop years ago
Blouse: Clevernettle on Etsy
Skirt: danadaisys/Concetta's Closet on Etsy
Tights: WeLoveColors (Dusty Green)
Socks: some superstore
Shoes: Zoe via eBay


  1. I always swore a fair bit, and living with English people just took it over the end. This sparked a massive row with my sister once when I called her a c---, in jest, and then realized from reactions of shock and horror that this word is never, ever, used in jest in Canada. Ooof.

    I hide most of my outfits from the blog, since most of them are repeats during the week. I have no creativity on Thursday mornings at 7 am.

    Oh, mind if I use one of your pastel-y pictures for the second half of my "hits of the autumn post?"

  2. OMG you are way too adorable in this outfit! I can't take it. I'm going to eat some more.

  3. Adorable outfit, love the unexpected shoes

  4. Oh, you make me laugh! ''Bring on the soap'' :P I tend to favor corny interjections and so when I start letting loose swear words people are left dumbfounded. They stare and gape and finally start laughing at me. I, in turn, find these predictable reactions to my unpredictable vocabulary quite amusing!

    You're going at it again with another terrific color combination! That blouse. That skirt. ♥

  5. You have such amazing style. I really really LOVE it. And I adore this outfit. And yes, I hide photos too. I mean, if I look a mess, sorry, not posting it!! Ha! Also, why no more swearing? I stopped because of my son (and that one time he repeated "oh sh*t" over and over again on the way home from Starbucks).


    heart: Kimberellie

  6. Ooh, very pretty! That's my favourite shade of blue. =D And the sweater looks like candy...mmm...
    I swear quite a bit. Mainly at my computer. Hehe. I love a good swear but only when it's 'appropriate' or, better yet, when it's not. ;]
    -Andi x

  7. The 3rd photo is so cute! It made me smile ^U^ I can't believe your jacket is TopShop, even if it was years ago.

    On a slightly unrelated topic, how do you get your photos so big on your blog?

    Have a wonderful Friday, ours is almost over - yippy!!! The weekend.

  8. the faux lace pattern is cute, but your top is the cutest little sailor

  9. The topshop blazer is so cute! I love how sweet and feminine this outfit is.

  10. one of the best and freshest vintage interpretations ive seen today x

  11. That skirt is phenomenal! And that shirt is amazing too (I love vintage!!)

    I hope Kendi and I didn't confuse you today! :)

  12. i LOVE the shoes, i realy need one of that;_;*


  13. I love the jacket!
    haha ned flanders. silly.

  14. What an amazingly precious ensemble!! Each piece is TOO CHARMING, I can't even pick a favorite.

    And I have to guess monkey for your brooch :)

  15. you look adorable! its a lovely skirt, and you know what? nothing wrong with a bit of swearing! australians also swear quite a lot i think, i sense its significantly less socially acceptable in america...oh well!

  16. oh the skirt is lovely! i love the little details on it and it is the perfect length <3

  17. That skirt really is wonderful!


  18. This outfit seems to mesh with your personality perfectly. The picture of you bent over and great!

  19. I knew I recognized that top! It was in my Etsy favorites for ages! I'm glad it went to a good home! :D